Saturday, April 16, 2011

Samuel L. Jackson to Disney: "I've had enough of these motherf*cking cats on this motherf*cking plain!"

Oh that's right babies.

First, someone made the mistake with snakes.
They made Samuel L. Jackson mad.

VERY mad. With snakes.

Samuel L. is pissed... at motherf*cking snakes on his motherf*cking plane...

Don't you remember? Clip NSFW:

Snakes on a plane.

So now, of course, when Disney needed a narrator for their nature movie about two cat families in the African Savannah, who did they call?

That's right bitches: Samuel L. Motherf*cking Jackson.

Really Disney?
For CATS on a PLAIN.

I saw the commercial preview as I was about to do the 30-day shred (more like the "90-day Shred" if you only do it every 3rd day)... and I couldn't help but laugh and make that immediate connection between his last movie involving creatures.

Even the animals are surprised at Disney's choice of narrator.

On the bright side... everybody together "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw":

Cats on a motherf*cking plain. Hey... wait a second...

Please tell me someone else finds this amusing, too?


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  1. The funny thing was when I first saw the commercial for that cat movie, I said that very same thing you did out loud. And my kids heard me.

  2. omg i totally found the connection BUT i'm SO STOKED TO SEE THIS MOVIE. did you see disney earth?? AMAZING. i love disney.

    i also love cats. especially big cats. but not lions. greedy mother fuckers.

  3. @Oilfield Trash - AWESOME!! I knew I couldn't be the only one! I can't stop laughing... I think Feyonce is now certain I am completely insane.

    @steph gas - HAHAHA Love it. I haven't seen Disney Earth, but I have been to Africa. I totally want to do a series of posts on my trip there.

    I love all kitties. Even the greedy mofos. lol

  4. that was motherf*cking awesome and super funny...

  5. *rolling* this was too funny! also, love the plane/plain thing. goodness!

  6. too funny comment on a too weird situation. He doesn't scream "Disney" to me! Then again don't they own abc and they allowed chris brown on their channel, and once employeed brittany spears...and spawned that ridiculous Miley Cyrus---so they are a bit off in my books anyhow!

  7. Two parts of the entertainment world I would not habe p[ut ytogether.

  8. @Bruce - Thanks for the encouragement. ;-)

    @carmar76 - It was too easy. And I am crazy. So it all fits together.

    @Jewels - EXACTLY MY POINT!! And don't even get me STARTED on Chris Brown or Miley Cyrus. *shuddering*

  9. @George - Disney wasn't going for mediocre. They were going for full on motherf*cking mediocre!

    Just kidding, it's probably an awesome movie (and I totally want to see it and will cry when ANYTHING in the movie dies).

  10. Are those actual screen shots from the movie>? Are they going to have like JOhn travoltsa dong the voidces and stuff? Did I ever tell you haow funny I think youare? Nighty night.

  11. Samuel Jackson may seem like an utterly ridiculous choice on the surface. I mean, Jules Winnfield doesn't really say Disney to me, but he was also a Jedi. A light in the force that brought balance between good and motherf*@#ing bad. Don't you just love the taste of ambivalence in the morning?

  12. @George - They MAY be actualy screen shots from the trailer yanked from Youtube. Or not. Depends if there is pending litigation on my ass.

    @D'Artagnan - I guess maybe they were miffed that Morgan Freeman's voice was already tapped in Penguins... and that James Earl Jones was most awesome in "Coming To America". Who knows. It's a mystery.

  13. Hey Stephanie,
    How's it goin' eh? You can relax, yes I have returned to leave an award winning comment on your site. No 'lion'. I reckon that the voice-over for any lion should be done by those Canadian legends, Bob and Doug McKenzie. Take off eh...
    And apparently, lion shit makes excellent garden fertilizer. So next time a lion wanders through my garden, I shall hope it leaves a nice surprise. Hope you had a nice weekend.
    Kind wishes, shy and humble Gary :)

  14. Samuel L. Jackson fits in perfectly with Disney. Do you know what Donald Duck is saying when he spazzes? "I've had up to here with this motherf*cking mouse and his motherf*cking falsetto!"

    And I gave you award, darlin'.~

  15. He narrated "Farce of the Penguins". That was so funny I peed myself. Twice. Maybe Disney didn't get the joke.

  16. @klahanie - I will be keeping that in mind if I ever see a large African cat running through the back yard. I will force it to fertilize after I lasso it and force it to accept my love/snuggles/hugs/kisses.

    Could you imagine if Bob and Doug narrated? The lions would be apologizing to their kill as they ate it. Ha!

    @Katsidhe - I KNEW he was swearing in that rant, somehow! Thanks for the award!!

    @Storm. Kat Storm. - I think Disney is laughing at all of US.

    @Brandy Rose - Those motherf*ckers make me cry with every movie I watch... damn Little Mermaid.

    @id - Why thanks. And thank you for commenting!

  17. its not that surprising when you realize that Samuel Jackson is in EVERY MOVIE. EVERY ONE. EVER EVER.

  18. So Morgan Freeman was busy, huh?

    On a random side note, I watched Polar Bears: Spy on the Ice yesterday and it was awesome. It would have been better if Samuel L Jackson was narrarating, though. It was missing a little "Mother f'ing bears on these mother f'ing 'bergs".

  19. @Slyde - I particularily enjoyed his performances in both "Gone with the Wind" and "Bambi". ;-)

    @Unladylike Behavior - Morgan Freeman must have been busy livin'.

    LOVE bears on 'bergs. AWESOME. Mother f'ing Awesome!

  20. A weem o wep a weem o wep.....shut up I'm sick of that motherf*cking song on this motherf*cking radio. Too funny. New follower here.

  21. @Bushman - BWHAHAHAH, love it. That song is stuck in my head now! Welcome to the blog and thanks for commenting and following!


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