Monday, January 9, 2012


I'm just really non creative and have tried to be productive offline.

(Productivity includes eating. Lots. Just FYI).

In light of my last post, we are considering buying a treadmill, spinning bike, and cancelling my gym membership...

It's funny how sometimes I have a ton of post ideas, then a complete and utter dry spell.

Plus, I have no working camera, which slows me down. And I am too lazy to find the adapter piece to transfer pictures from my crappy dumb-phone.


Just letting you know I'll be back to regularly scheduled programming soon...

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  1. Great start to the year, eh?

    Oh god, I just sounded Canadian, didn't I?

  2. well im glad you are around still eh? hmmm the dry spell...know it all too well...i hope you get really we...uhh i mean...umm...err..i trust you snap out of the dry spell and the creative well fills! Whew!

  3. still nice to see you on my blog roll again. And you are still on your honeymoon. I am sure there is plenty to keep you occupied

  4. No pressure...we'll wait! And wait...and wait... and wait. But nooooooo pressure!

  5. Heyyy, taking a lazy person's break is okay, in my opinion.

  6. Hey! I'm still alive, too! AND I'm eating! We have so much in common!

  7. Ah, the "so sorry I haven't posted in a while, I'm still alive, promise" post. We've all done one of those at some point. ;) Glad you haven't expired, and looking forward to your new posts!

  8. - Well, I'm not God, but yes, you really did sound Canadian. I didn't even think anything of the "eh" until you mentioned it. For real, eh?

    @Dan - Appreciate your choice of words there. Ha.

    @Mynx - I wish I were still there... I promise that follow up post, I just get so angry I stop myself from writing the finishing BS.

    @Marlia - Thanks, lol, I feel much better now!

    @Gia - Yes, I like to call that "my life in general".

    @Leauxra - How I appreciate your smart-assed-ness. We are practically RELATED now!

    @Stephanie - Honest to goodness I thought of you when I posted this. I'm losing followers so wanted to say "hey! I didn't abandon ship" while ALSO doing that thing I mocked. hehe.

  9. It sucks about the photos. I get dry spells too and go online to find something to talk about.

  10. @Belle - I'm hoping to get a camera soon. I bought one, but turns out it wasn't what I needed.

    Finally hunkered down and wrote Part 3 of the honeymoon fiasco. It's probably too long, and too boring, but oh well.



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