Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Holy Shit, It's May!

When did that happen?

How did that happen?

And why did I have 5 ice cream cookie sandwiches today? Hmmm? I need an answer for that one, most importantly.

I feel like life has been on hold for 3 years. Time to unpause, just not sure how to do it (though pretty sure eating my way into plus-sized clothing isn't a successful game plan...)

What are your plans for May? 

What do you tell yourself when you feel exhausted, unwell, but determined to change?

And how do you NOT buy and consume a multi-pack of ice cream treats?

Damn, this world is just so confusing.


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  1. you lost me at ice cream cookie....

    in other news - when I am feeling exhausted, unwell, but determined to change, I drink a bottle (or two) of wine and make really bad decisions. THEN, I realize I really was ok in the first place.

    My or may not work for you.

    Seriously though - just rest, evaluate, plan, and be pro-active. You'll tell yourself what you really need with a clear head <3

  2. I usually buy and eat the treats while I'm trying to figure out how to gain the motivation to change things. Talk about counter productive.

  3. Dude, it's MAY. That means everyone should be celebrating my birthday ALL MONTH.

    This month I:
    1) have to travel for work
    2) turn 36
    3) run a 10K
    4) turn 36
    5) get packed for Hawaii
    6) turn 36
    7) somehow lose 10 lbs for Hawaii (ahahahahahaha)

    1. Turning 36! So young. Congratulations. That's about when life starts getting better. Hawaii, mmmmmm. The way to lose the 10 pounds is not to put a bikini pic on the fridge. It's to wear the bikini all the time, unless you're actually in a place where you are paid and which includes expectations of what to wear.

  4. Those ice cream sandwiches sound goood!! x

  5. Sorry, was sidetracked by Leaxra, who doesn't blog enough. I thought maybe a reply would encourage her.

    Back to the business at hand. You had the ice cream sandwiches because you wanted them. Some primal hunter part of your brain reared up and demanded that you eat that. Primal hunter brain parts are very hard to deny. You need to find a way to make your primal hunter happy, without having 5 of something that is bad for you. One, slowly, might be enough. Or you could tell it you have to eat a head of raw cabbage first to earn it. Wine better for you anyways.

    Let's see, May. Doing an informal Oly with a bunch of buddies in a lake that I'm not sure is completely clear of ice yet. On the upside, there are turtles. And I start a new job.

    When you are determined to change, but feel tired and unwell, you have to start small. Stop doing the things that make you feel tired and unwell. Start getting more sleep. Get some exercise every day, even if it's only a 15 minute brisk walk. One of the things I like to do if I'm feeling crappy is to stand in the sunshine for a few minutes. It's nice outdoors, but in the winter settle for inside a window. Just stand there in the sun with your eyes gently closed, facing the sun. Feel the warmth on your body. Feel it soak into your body, warming your muscles and blood and everything else. Do this in silence. Just stand there, feeling your balance shift delicately. Stand straight. If you do yoga it's called Mountain Pose. Breathe normally, feeling the air moving in and out of your lungs, bringing life to your body. Don't think of anything in particular, just stand, enjoying the warmth. A few minutes later, when you stop, and walk to whatever you will be doing next, I guarantee you'll feel better.

  6. And blogger ate the u out of Leauxra's name!!! Grrrr. Sorry about that.

  7. agreed - this year is going so fast! and i haven't had a good ice cream sandwich in too long. altho coconut milk ice cream sammiches are pretty good... : )

    good luck, you can do anything you set your mind to, btw!! : )

  8. Duh....you eat pop tarts instead of ice cream sandwiches. Or at least that's what I've been doing....maybe pop tarts is the American version? ;P

  9. I'm just pissed because once again I forgot to make May baskets out of Dixie cups that I could leave on people's doorsteps (or in their cubicle- same thing) and ding dong ditch so they don't know who it's from. Now I gotta wait a whole year. Again.

  10. Ice cream is spiffy. i mean SPIFFY. Perhaps even NEATO. That and beer. they don't go together at all though. And I've really tried. Much like trying to drink coffee in the shower, you know to save time in the morning? Suuuuure you can drink beer in the shower 'cause in the bottle it's hard for the shampoo to get stuck in there. But that was back when I had flowing blonde hair and now I'm all kinds of bald.

    Where was I. Oh yeah Ice Cream. I support Ice Cream and Ice Cream related things. Do that.

  11. MMMMMM Ice cream!! Must say I'm a bit jealous!!!


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