Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cracking, Breaking, Broken.

For once, I am not referring to myself.

WHOA. I know.

I've been sucking fairly heartily at posting on the regular... and I'm guessing I will get no better. That being said, I've been trying to do things in real life, outside of the internet, once more.

It's a mad, mad world, I tell ya.

Running errands, buying stuff for the house, trying to unpack and organize, and trying to do extreme sports like, oh, I dunno... going up a flight of stairs or bending over to pick something off the floor - all these things can wear a girl out.

And they have.

BUT, while I've been doing that, our spiffy new house has decided that it would like to further challenge me on a day to day basis.

Over two weeks ago now (maybe three?) our furnace kinda sorta decided to stop working. Three technicians and multiple charges later, they say we need a new one and THINK they know what the issue is.


Two days after getting that wonderful ($$$) news, the "up" button on our oven display just collapsed into its own housing. Everything else works fine, we just can't increase the temperature to above the starting temp of 350F, or use the timer. You know, unless we are setting the timer for 0:00, in which case we are SOLID.

Figuring that we could replace it ourselves, or MacGuyver a ghetto button in there until the stove dies, I was badly mistaken and have spent far too long hunting down the part and trying to find tutorials on how to take apart the front of the gas stove.

No big deal, right? WRONG. That part is over $315. A new stove starts around $1800 and goes up to $3000 depending on the features.

Well, what a relief that we have no other major expenses to worry about. Oh... right... except for the crib, the baby's dresser, the glider and nursing ottoman, change pad, crib mattress, sleepers, onseies, socks, diapers, butt cream (me AND baby, thankyouverymuch), stroller, carseat....

You get the idea. Living in a new city means no wonderful hand-me downs from friends and family. And finding baby consignment stores within a 20 minute drive is impossible.

I don't even have nice pictures for you for this post, because I am too lazy to grab a camera or download from my phone.

I'm pretty damn pooped, being due next month, but I think that my VISA may need to be hospitalized for exhaustion.

How are you guys out there doing? Ever been hit with a shit-ton of expenses all within a short period of time?

Being an adult is hard. How do I CTRL+Z this biznazz?

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  1. Pssst... you're local to me (sorta right?) and I have some juicy little plums of advice to offer you on finding the things you need ;) Pop me a message doll and I'll help you out!

  2. I am entirely happy to spend vicariously through you. Just in case you were wondering. Hope it all gets sorted out. And weren't you going on about your bed? I'm not going to speculate about any possible relationship, because I'm sure there is none at all between you getting pregnant and the bed(s) wearing out. No speculation, no hints at all, no relationship. I'm glad we cleared that up.

  3. It blows eh. I just want to eat at restaurants and drink martinis.

  4. Never rains but it pours in this house too.
    Hope things get a little more easy for you before bub arrives

  5. Shit always happens in groups. Expensive shit. And it sucks. Hope it gets better and your Visa doesn't croak from exhaustion.

  6. As far as the stove, check out craigslist. Seriously. The hinge on our oven door broke, and we could in no way afford a new one. But we found an awesome flat top stove for $250 by checking out the local craigslist.


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