Friday, January 21, 2011

A Quick Apology & Award

In my infinite quest for mastering all things Google/Gmail/Blogger/Buzz, I managed to remove myself from many (if not ALL) of the blogs I had previously been "following".

So if you awoke one morning and were one less follower, and thought "what asshole disliked me enough to unfollow? Seriously? Who does that? I mean, the joy that "following" provides is so immense... a person could just "follow" and never come back if they wanted to, yet some asshole felt it necessary to "unfollow" me? WTF? Who does that? Seriously??... Really?? Seriously?"

What a Blogger's wet dreams are made of.

Well folks,

that asshole was ME.


I was trying to get this Google Buzz thing to leave me alone and stop tracking me, and I effed up my subscriptions in doing so. It is now my goal to re-visit all the blogs I read and ensure I am following once more.


I also tried to vlog today and I did it directly through YouTube (also Google, dammit) which told me, after 2 hours of processing, that my upload failed. So no Friday vlog.

Finally, this is long overdue:

The "Irresistibly Sweet Blog" award was bestowed upon me by the ever-honest, uber-real, and totally admirable steph gas, over at it’s never too late to save a hopeless case. This girl is fierce and has endured hell over the last few months. If you can man-up and take reality, I strongly urge you to head over to her blog and read what she has experienced. I love that girl.

I am not sure why she likes me so much, because I am a bitch (fuck those new astrological signs, I am a moody-multi-faceted-cranky-ass-Gemini until the day I die, so eff you new astrological calendar).

Me? Sweet? And irresistible? She must have made a typo...
For this award I have to list five guilty pleasures and pass it on to three more.


Dry Humor Daily - I found Cole through the Blog Quilt, and I think he is a sweet and funny guy (who will be getting married this year, and is actually excited about it! Good job!).

Glitter Frog - Vickilikesfrogs was an early comrade and was supersweet about Scooby, as well as supportive in a lot of my other blog craziness, so to her I say thanks.

Consequently Slapdash - I have recently discovered Brandy Rose and I sort of love her. Her blog is great, and I think we have a lot in common (though she is MUCH better looking...)

AND, since I like to break rules, I wanted to also bestow this award to:

Amber LaShell Rants - This girl is always upbeat, sweet, and never has anything negative to say. If you want the opposite to my pissiness, be sure to say hello to Amber.

Five Guilty Pleasures:
  1. Nutella on a spoon/knife/fork/finger (if the jar is empty).
  2. Obsessively checking my blog stats, even if they never change (passed 10,000 page views this week - woot woot!)
  3. Getting a large popcorn (and Coke) at the movie theatre every time and GETTING the FREE REFILL.
  4. Eating said refill over the next three days (unless BF beats me to it).
  5. Sugar. SUGAR. SUGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR! (BF's accurate suggestion)

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  1. Good thing you don't follow me, then. I would have been thoroughly confused and possibly a little hurt.

    I also obsessively check my stats even though nothing is ever new or fascinating or awesome other than the weird shit people search for, and somehow end up finding me.

  2. I remember a few days ago my count dropped by one, then by the next day it was up again. I chalked it up to lousy counting by the Google monkeys.

  3. also? why does vlogging have to be so difficult?! i can NEVER seem to just upload my videos directly via blogger, and youtube is also wishy-washy. i suggest vimeo. i've had the best luck with them.
    also? i don't have another also, i just wanted to say it again.

  4. @Sarah Elizabeth - I had to doublecheck, and you don't, in fact, have a wet dream .. I mean "follow me" button! Also? This is super-embarassing to admit, but I thought you were a different Sarah. See? I suck at blogging. Fuck.

    @Yandie, Goddess of Pickles. - Looks like I am still good for you, so start asking your other friends questions. Like "where the hell did you go, jackballs?!?"

    @jess - I tried VIMEO but I had to record it on my laptop first, and for some reason my camera software ALWAYS fucks up and skips sections, along with missing audio. I have no idea why. So, again, I suck at this.

  5. wow, i feel so honored. I didn't know I was that upbeat, but hey if it got me an award, i'll go with it :)in a way I feel like I finally got to sit at the popular girls table. hmmm. Love your blog and I too check my stats contantly! :)

  6. @AmberLaShell - I don't think you are being sarcastic (you aren't, are you?) so I have to be sure you know that I am an outcast and will never be at the popular girls' table.

    And you are ALWAYS upbeat. You always seem happy. You're positive even when you are doubtful. It's admirable.

    p.s. damn stats.

  7. so you're the one that's been keeping me up at night...

  8. Congratulations on your blog award. Woo hoo!

    And thank you for fessing up regarding why perhaps I had lost a follower. I thought maybe I had once again offended someone with all of my snark and word pervery!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Aww...Amber called us the popular girls! Well, actually she called YOU the popular girl but how freakin popular are you if you're not surrounded by girls like ME? Huh? Yeah, that's what I thought.

    Conga-rats on the award! And thanks for passing it to me! I feel so honored and speshul *sniff*

    Also? I lol'ed at what Jess said!

  10. i'd seriously divorce you if you unfollowed me.

    wait, we're not blogmarried? oh.

    ALSO. if google had monkeys running it, it'd probably run better.

    ALSO ALSO. i had questions when i was awarded the 'irresistibly sweet blog award' becuase i'm not sweet. but as it was pointed out to me, i am IRRESISTIBLE. so there. us steph's are totes irresistible.

  11. shit yeah! i am alllllll about sittin with the pops girlies~ saaawweeet!

    i check my stats once a day, but the follower thing is totally f*d up. i used to check it now i just look and see if there is a new person in the first position...

    aw fuck it.

    i am obsessed by everything blooggering.

    amd it is very hard to type after a dollar beer night at a hockey game...

  12. @You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... - Sorry. I'm an asshole, what can I say. Blame Google Buzz.

    @The Empress - Thanks, and see above. ;-)

    @vickilikesfrogs - Do you have multiple personalities, 'cause I nticed you said "girls like me"... and the only obvious explanation for both your sweetness and coolness must be dual roles. Hey - are you a Gemini, too??

    Also? Jess makes me lol, too.

    @steph gas - If you asked BF, I bet he would deny that I am irresistible. As would I. Not sure of my redeeming features. Must be humour. That's it!! Thanks for the award, Steph.

    @bruce - A big wooot wooooot to dollar beer nights! And commenting! That takes dedication. I'm a slave to this blog, I admit it.

    So you folks think I am sweet, irresistible, cool and that my life is good.

    I need to be more clear and articulate in my writing, methinks. HA!

  13. glad to know i'm not the only one the makes those kind of mistakes i am alwayds hitting something wrong. and happy to learn more about you

  14. Yay!!! Thank you so much!!

    Also, I've had a similar problem with mine and since, I have learned not to click on things in there unless I have googled specific directions first lol.

  15. You say you suck at blogging? Hah. You're a natural. I suck at blogging. Communication rules. (You never fail) Technology sucks. (Can only be relied on to fail)

    BTW. Per your suggestion? I got rid of that word verification thingy.


  16. @becca - Technology is the enemy, unless the blog is going well, then it's okay. And trust me, if you know much more about me, you won't like me anymore. It's a good thing BF doesn't ask too many questions!

    @Brandy Rose - The irony of Googling how to avoid Google Buzz. lol. Make sure you follow the rules for the award, too, missy!

    @Richard G. Crockett - *Doing victory dance for one less blogger with word captchas!* Thanks. I didn't think I was a natural, but will take your word for it. I don't think you suck at blogging! It's all personal, right?

  17. I lost a couple recently, I'm not sure who. You are still there and that's all that counts.

  18. @George - I don't understand why people would unfollow, unless you REALLY pissed them off somehow. Although I did hear Kelley say she hit her "follow" limit. But still... who reads THAT MANY BLOGS?!?!

  19. Haha boo on technology!!! Good thing you can still post though :)

  20. Steph: I feel strangely odd reading this latest from you.. I feel like I'm listening in on some inside shop talk.


  21. Well, you didn't un-Google-friend or whatever me because you weren't following me before. I wasn't following you before, either, so we're even. I'm following you now, though. Ewwww, that sounds stalker-ish....

  22. @myjoyproject - Technology is only my friend when it isn't pissing me off. Welcome to the blog and my thanks for commenting!

    @V-Tom - I guess this was a pretty blog-specific post. I'm not sure if this warrants an apology or not? Either way, I'll be back to my own randomness soon enough. Hope your vacation was good!

    @On My Soapbox - First off, then all is fair. Except I need to check out your blog, especially if it invoved diamond tiaras (I am not certain - need glasses on). Thanks for commenting, I hope you like what (crazy-ass-sh*t) you find here. ;-)

  23. Eek. Sorry about the follower issue. :-/

    And congrats on the award!

    -Barb the French Bean

  24. I would love to have ur new button!

  25. Google is consistently messing my reader up. Hope you got it fixed!

  26. @Barb the French Bean - Thanks Barb! I'm Google-y challenged with this stuff. Too many buttons and options.

    @AmberLaShell - Cool. It's at the top right, or I can try to email the code directly. (Will probably screw up, but who knows).

    @steph c - I honestly don't even know if I got it fixed. I had been trying to get in on your vlog thing the other day, too. I am not great with computers. p.s. I think your bangs are cute.

  27. i am tucker. i am a puppy. i love belly rubs and treats!

    you know what else is good?


    i gave you one! (JADIP BLOG)

    Bruce (and tucker!)
    Bruce Johnson JADIP
    Evil Twin
    Bruce’s Evil Twin
    The Dreamodeling Guy
    The Guy Book
    The Guy Book

  28. Steph no apologies necessary! Vacation was great! I just posted photos on FB.

  29. Well, check you out, Ms. Blog Stats! That is really annoying about all of that Google bizz-nass, right? Thanks for the warning!

  30. Lol, that totally made me laugh!!!

  31. Stephanie, I think most of us are outcasts who blog. We're the only ones who know how to entertain each other by making fun of ourselves. So in our world, you are popular. Wait.. That was supposed to be a compliment. Oh hell! Congrats on the award and to the ones you passed it to.

  32. @Bruce & Tucker - Thank ye kindly, will post in an upcoming blog.

    @V-Tom - I'll have to check them out! I've been to Chichen Iza, too (sp?)

    @Kelley - I don't even know what you warn you ABOUT! I guess just don't eff with Google any way, any how.

    @M - Hi M! Welcome to the blog! I hope you were laughing with me and not AT me. ;-)

    @Krissy - Best part? I lost 3 followers with this post. HAHAHahahaha. It's truly a blog-eat-blog world out there. Or the opposite. Or both.


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