Monday, January 31, 2011

Girl on Girl

I have had an intense weekend.

It's kind of a big deal, and sort of personal, but I figured I share so much on here, that I would share it with you.

I was out on Saturday. You could say I was looking with intent, and was so eager.

As soon as our eyes met, I could feel the connection.

She was stunningly beautiful, her blonde hair framing her gorgeous face.

I thought I could sense that she wanted me, but I wasn't sure. Looking into her beautiful deep brown eyes, I knew I had to have her.

She moved her face close to mine; I could feel her breath in my ear.

I kissed her gently.

She reciprocated.

She had "tramp" written all over her.

My heart stopped, and in an instant, I fell in love.


She's The Lady part, guys, The Lady.

Meet our new baby girl!

She snuggles, and gives kisses, and likes to chew on my ears. I have a baby girl again to love and snuggle with. I love our Schultzy, and now we have double the love with this new special baby!!!


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  1. Awwww, Stephanie. She's adorable! I'm so glad you did this. :) I can't wait to hear new puppy adventures.

  2. Oh, those eyes. How could you NOT fall in love?

  3. awwww! SAAAWWEEET!

    i am so glad you have a new lover! can't wait to see where this one goes! and thoose eyes!

    tucker says hi!

    we are soooooo happy for you!

    Bruce Johnson JADIP
    Evil Twin
    stupid stuff I see and hear
    The Dreamodeling Guy
    The Guy Book
    The Guy Book


    Nothing says love like the love you get from a new puppy.

  5. What gorgeous eyes, I think I'm in love with her too. Congrats on the addition to the family.

  6. @Krissy - Thanks! I am so pumped!

    @George - Payback, baby! I thought you were addicted to drugs and we know how wrong that turned out to be! lol

    @middle child - I know, right? I had no choice but to cave in to kisses!

    @bruce - Thanks guys! She's snoring on my lap right now as I type.

    @steph c - Did you mean puppy or my banana guns photo? Oh... puppy. Better choice!

  7. @Oilfield Trash - SO TRUE. We met her and her brother. Her brother gave such intense facial kissing/love-age that he scratched up my eye and forehead and had me bleeding. And I couldn't stop laughing! Puppies are the best!

    @Tom G. - Thanks, she is a very pretty girl. I'm sure you guys will be hearing a lot more about her over the coming weeks!

    @steph gas - Thank ye! How is your wittle kitten? I think this new pup is going to cheer me up. I hope your new addition is bringing you joy, too.

  8. Ahh what a sweetheart! She looks adorable!

  9. @V-Tom - She totally is. I feel so lucky to have been approved for her!

  10. @Brandy Rose - And you should SMELL her PUPPY breath!!

  11. I LUV puppy breath! Where did you get her?

  12. @Krissy - We adopted her from a great animal shelter, the Brant County SPCA. Her brother Chance is still on the website. (He's adorable, too!)

    She had a great foster mom who took care of her and her two brothers while they got stronger and healthier.

  13. Rescue dogs are the greatest! So glad to hear you have rescued another needy animal, or rather she rescued you. :)

  14. What a hawtie! Does she have blue eyes too?! Awww. Congratulations!

  15. @Krissy - I am all about supporting animal shelters and I have the utmost respect for the employees. It is a heartbreaking, generally thankless job and they are awesome people for doing it every day.

    @AmberLaShell - Thanks!! I think so, too, but I am biased.

    @The Absence of Alternatives - Um, nope, brown eyes, as written in the description above and visually apparent in the photo label above. ;-) lol.

  16. You are very right! I am on the Board for our very small animal shelter here, but we have some issues with the county employees who work there. We're working on it though. I'm all about supporting the shelters, especially ones with limited space and resources.

  17. I am a major dog lover and I just have to say - SHE IS ADORABLE!!! I've got 3 (one of them, Chloe, looks just like her)... Want another ;)

  18. What a cutie-face!!

    When my dog moves her face close to mine I smell cat litter. Not nearly as romantic...

  19. GORGEOUS!! So happy for you re: the new addition to your family.

  20. Awww congrats...she is adorable!

  21. She is beautiful! What is her name? I'm so happy for you! Want to see lots of pictures and stories!


    I want a pupper!

  23. Yay! Two furry children are better than one!

  24. @Krissy - I think the majority of the workers are there for the animals. It's a hard job, but they do such good work!

    @Tina's Crazy World - Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! She is cute, and she is a handful! What breeds/mixes are your pups?

    @The Lady's Lounge - LOL, I'm sure that would be the case if we had a cat. Nothin' like a gravel-covered tootsie roll. Ha!

    Good to see you back!

    @The Empress - Thank ye kindly.

    @SarcasmInAction - Welcome to the blog, and thank you for commenting. I love your name. Pretty much says it all!

  25. @Jewels - Why thank you. Wish I could take credit for her good looks.

    @Angie - She was named Grace in foster care, but we aren't sure if we are keeping it or not. We need to decide soon, though. I keep calling her Gracie, Puppay, or Monkey so far. lol.

    @Storm. Kat Storm. - They are adorable, and full of kisses, and full of pee and mischief. Good times!

    @On My Soapbox - Generally true unless both are vomiting on the carpet. That's no fun. ;-)

  26. She is so pretty. Congrats on your new baby

  27. I love my two dogs but it's hard to remember that when they crap all over my floor because they've decided that it's "too cold" outside to even think about going out for such things.
    She's cute as pie!

  28. i thought i already commented on this. apparently i was in such a state of cute overload that i forgot.

  29. @dufmanno - So far she hates the snow, but will go out. With Snowmageddon upon us, this should be interesting. I have a feeling I will not only be shovelling the driveway, but also the back porch and a chunk of the yard (if I have the stamina). HA!

    @jess - I thought maybe you didn't like me anymore, but I feel better now. ;-D
    She's pretty daaaaaarn cute, sleeping on my legs right now.

  30. I have 2 mutts and a Lab Retriever. Calvin, my prince mutt is skittish, but sweet. Chloe (sigh) thinks SHE. OWNS. US. She knows she's pretty (petite and white with blue eyes and pointy ears like a husky)and uses it to her advantage. Hogan, the lab retriever, is yellow, 10 years old, stubborn as hell and has the WORST. GAS. EVER.

    Setting (last night, in bed around midnight)
    Me: What is that SMELL?
    Hubby: Hogan
    (I fly up to a sitting position)
    Me: DID HE POOP?!?!?
    Hubby: No, he just has gas.

    It's REALLY gross (sigh)

  31. @Tina's Crazy World - Picture a similar scenario, me in the living room, puppy in the kitchen, Schultz on his bed near me.

    He gets up and runs to the back bedroom like his butt was set on fire. Then I smell grossness (assumed he threw up the poop he'd eaten, once again).

    Turns out sweet little puppy was brewin' one up on the kitchen floor.

    You should try changing Hogan's food (SLOWLY, or you'll have some explosive diarrhea to deal with). See if it helps his farty bum.

    Chloe is a smart one... she KNOWS she's got you hooked! ;-) Calvin probably tries to avoid her wrath and Hogan's stink-bum. lol.

  32. LMAO your dog eats poop?! OMG, I caught Hogan doing that the other day... GROOOOOOSSSSSSS


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