Sunday, August 18, 2013

Holy Hell

There have been so many times I would like to blog, but things like keeping this tiny little human alive, fed, comforted and safe got in the way.

Dang responsibilities.

Haha, just kidding, motherhood is awesome.

Some things I've learned in the last 12 weeks:

- Water can, and does, feel like cutting razorblades on sensitive nipples. Either that, or the Hubs installed a Ginsu showerhead one of the times I was hospitalized.
- Yea, ONE of the times. I didn't realize that labour for me would mean SO MANY INFECTIONS post partum. And multiple hospital stays.
- I hate my OB. She sucks and let me go on with a bad urinary tract infection for TWO MONTHS that is now making me incredibly sick as I start antibiotics. AGAIN.
- Caffeine does get into breastmilk. And a baby who only power naps for 10 minutes is loveable, but exhausting for Mamma.
- I've only lost about 25 lbs of my 55+ pregnancy weight gain. I am the antithesis of sexy.
- This kid's current life goal is to rip out every last hair from my scalp. EVERY.LAST.HAIR. Motherhood has been comprised of constantly wet hair up in elastics, to save that painful tug. Man it hurts.
- I have the capacity to love more intensely, fiercely and unselfishly than I EVER thought possible. I would die for my little monkey if she needed me to. After I ripped the face off of whatever the threat was.

Out in BC you have to watch out for bears. But beware the even deadlier, more insane MAMMA BEAR. I'll f*ck you up.

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  1. And people wonder why I never had children.
    Those Ginsu showerheads, a laugh a minute. I thought my wife had installed one after one of my races. Nipple chafe isn't as bad as what you have, but it's a long way in the same direction. Especially if you aren't expecting it.

    Mamma ANYTHING.

  2. Oh you poor love. Motherhood is hard enough without being crook at the some time.
    Hope you get that infection sorted once and for all
    Sending hugs

  3. Aha, but don't forget, wine gets into breastmilk too!

  4. post partum infections? sounds horrifying. like you need something else to worry about now. and don't worry about the baby weight - you've already lost about half of it! just eat healthy for you and the baby, keep breastfeeding, and get those infections out of the way. then you can worry about losing any remaining weight. <3

  5. yikes! glad of the update, tho. wishing you quick healing!!

  6. You're so selfish. ONLY 25lbs??? My kid is 11 and it took until she WAS ELEVEN TO LOSE THE WEIGHT.

    In other news: So totally super stoked for you. When you can pry yourself away from your itty bitty little darling, we have a standing date to hook up. For sanity reasons, we should make it a cocktail. Pump and dump. All the good Mom's do it.

  7. I'm now so very afraid to give birth. (I think I've said that same thing on your last few posts.) Feel better soon!


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