Monday, August 6, 2012

5am Cookies? Nom Nom Nzzzzzzz

Surprisingly, throughout my process of packing, bubble wrapping, sorting, taping, folding and sobbing  cleaning, I found something really effective to distract myself while still doing work.

I decided that rather than pack, I'd bake my mom cookies.

Starting at 4 in the morning.

And not because I was "rising and shining" early, but because my bedtime has been falling around 6am for the past several nights.

Now, this happens to be one thing I didn't research about moving or packing, but I can only ASSUME that my baking cookies TOTALLY helps my cause, and somehow helps me pack.



Also... I totally need to blog about the award bestowed upon me by Keith in my next post, because it's late and I have to check on my cookies.

I also want to write a few Olympic posts... As in, I made some serious self discoveries while watching sports, and I think Oliver Pistorius in one amazing athlete, and genuine gentleman.

Please tell me you saw him run? He really is an icon on and off the track.

Oliver Pistorius just blew my mind today. I hope he is proud. You know, of his accomplishment, not about blowing my mind. [image VIA]

I'm in the most respectful kind of awe, ever. (Because talking to your mom on the phone for 12 minutes straight about Pistorius' awesomeness is apparently ALSO helpful when it comes to not packing).

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  1. I am glad that when the urge to bake cookies happened, you hadn't already packed all the bowls and trays to make them with

  2. MmMmMmM cookies! I packed a few boxes...Months ago. still no closing date. Needless to say I'm ready to choke someone! (and eat some cookies)

  3. Nom cookies :P Oliver Pistorius is an amazing man. I was rooting for him even though Britain were competing. I must say, I am a huge fan of Team GB's mens gymnastic team ;) x

  4. Ugh, I hate when my sleep schedule gets turned around....I've been fighting for two weeks to get mine back to normal (I think I'm almost there). I love that I'm tired all day, dragging all afternoon, but bed time comes and I'm wide awake. Grrrr...... Maybe I'll start baking cookies! :)


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