Friday, October 26, 2012

OMG, That Was Unexpected, "Anon"

So, as a blogger, I suppose it's expected that we should anticipate hateful comments and personal slags online.

I was actually surprised that the first two comments, left by the same "Anonymous" commenter (all in caps, of course, because I suppose they were yelling at me), threatened me and implied I should die and that I am a piece of shit.

Okay, sure.

Though I don't think I leave brown smears on the furniture or anything. Do I???

Which post pissed someone off so badly they had to tell me to die?

Was it the emotionally charged post about Amanda Todd and the widespread, out of control bullying going on in the world? Nope.

Was it my video log about my personal experience with bullying and rape, that I posted as my small contribution to the "It Gets Better" campaign? Nope.

Was it me sharing Rick Mercer's rant on the tragic and unnecessary death of yet another young gay teen? No, it wasn't.

Was it about my heartbreak over the abuse our Great Dane suffered before he was rescued by Loyal Rescue? No.

I must be heading in the wrong direction here.

Someone upset over my personal health-related posts? Nope.

Could it have been the douche from the tux rental store that I railed on over a year ago? Hmmm... nopers.

When I posted the graphic and risque post on cocks and gay marriage?

Was it someone appalled that I would post Cee-Lo Green's message on my website, with such profane language? Um, no, try again.

Perhaps it was an angry interior designer, certain I had ruined their livelihood, furious that I was attempting to educate the world on throw cushions? Close.

Schultz prefers to eat throw cushions, actually.



The fourth post I ever published, from August of 2010. 

As such, I am a "fruit", "fag", "make less money than him" who "has no life but to publish an entire site of hate about an amazing artist" and, apparently, this is "why people hate Americans".

Let's check the facts:

Just to be clear, it was one post. In which I admit my dislike is unwarranted, but real nonetheless. Also? I am a Canadian female who figures you must be a dickhead if your zinger "insults" are to imply someone is gay. Really?

No - seriously? Really?

I... I feel a little sorry for anonymous. Homophobic much?

Also? I guess it's not okay to post my own opinion about a celebrity, but it is okay for a commenter to threaten my life and insult me.

Sound argument. (This is another reason why comment moderation is on now).

If only anonymous had shown me the way sooner!! (At least they gave me blog fodder for today).

What kind of vitriol are you other bloggers subjected to?


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  1. Um. Wow. Just wow.

    I'm going to bed now. Maybe when I wake up in the morning this will not be true.

    1. @Chris - In a way, I am shocked I haven't heard worse before now. The joy of anonymous.

  2. Wowza! I never got something like that spewed at me (yet). It's only time, I know.

    1. @Gia - Ikr? Not sure if I should feel honoured or if I should feel icky. Maybe both?

  3. I haven't received any hate mail in months... I only get the 'grow your penis' and 'online casino' spambots these days... :/

    1. @Brandon Lostinidaho - I'm surprised that more Beneful and Purina-loving fanboys haven't started an all out viral assault on you. lol.

      I'm getting a lot of spam these days. But this is the first hate mail.

  4. I guess surprisingly few trolls, considering some of the content I post on.. anything remotely feminist is usually troll-food in massive doses.

    1. @Yandie, Goddess of Pickles - That is really good news. I'm surprised my trivial content warranted such a passionate response from crazy-Anon. Hopefully you'll never have to deal with this kind of crap. :)

  5. "An entire site of hate" huh? You know, I know we don't all think and act a like but seriously, why are some people such scum?? I went and read that post and I thought it was funny. He DOES look like Mayer a bit. And Mayer is a d-bag. Buble looks like one as well. He doesn't even deserve the accent on his e!

    1. @Michael Z - And it's pretty obvious on posts like that that I am being my silly, dorky self. I'm not planning to behead the man. It got even nastier than what I posted. Some people.

      You accent on the e made me LOL.

  6. Holy crap. THAT sent someone into a hateful, threatening rage?? I'm not a fan of MB, but he doesn't send me into a blind rage either. Maybe it was the president of his stalker club or something? WTF is the matter with people???

    1. @J. Day - Whoever they were, they were pretty ironic. Everything they said I was horrible for doing, they turned around and said to me. Goofball.

      Shit like this keeps the blog interesting when my lack of wit can't otherwise. HA!

  7. Huh. There are a few songs of his I don't mind his versions of, but lots of other people like listening to him, and I assume they've thrown piles of money at him. How nice for them, and him.

    Maybe I shouldn't say this but my vitriol count is zero. Maybe it's in the blogger/disqus spam filters that I've come to trust enough that I don't even look at it anymore. Last time I looked what a little while ago when there was nearly 1000 spam comments. Most were viagra. And oddly enough, 90 percent of them were on a Bermuda posting. No idea.

    I think the secret is to moderate comments with a link in them. Legitimate blog comments with a link are so rare I don't mind setting things up that way.

    I never pay any attention to anything anonymous says, in an form, in any medium.

    1. @Keith - zero vitriol is a very good thing. I was tempted to change commenting to an option that doesn't allow anonymous, but that seems to be the only way my parents comment, now and again.

      It might be in my future though.

      I know I shouldn't care, it was just so surprising.

  8. Good gravy!!! There are all sorts of nuts out there. The best part? When you have a pretty much private blog and one of your FRIENDS posts as anon. and rakes you over the coals. ARG.. sometimes people suck!

    ..sorry off on my own tangent there. I love your blog though! Had to jump in.

    1. @Andrea - what kind of friend would that be? Geesh. Unkind things posted? I don't mind when it's slightly mushy or nice and they post as anon.

      Thanks for commenting.

  9. Look at it this way---at least enough people read you, that there are random people coming along, reading your amazing prose, that you have moved them enough to be so angry, they feel the need to spew anger.

    I could only be so lucky!

    It's mostly my mom, commenting, "Oh, honey, things'll get better soon, my lil pumpkin".

    1. @FFW - Hmmm, now that you mention it, my mom often comments as anon... MAYBE SHE'S A CLOSET FAN OF HIS AND IS BEHIND THIS ENTIRE EVENT!!

      Okay, probably not.

      It's funny, the traffic I get because a few of my blog images show in the top 10 or top 20 images. If you google "Skinny Girl Sangria review" I'm pretty sure a photo of my foot pops up in the top 5.

      Brings in some curious but odd people, it would seem.

      Thanks for stopping in and commenting!

  10. I get lots of Russian spambots... for all they know they COULD be slinging vitrol, but I'm pretty sure they're just trying to hock some discount viagra and online casino sites.

    Although this ONE time, I got an incredible, nonsensical rambling something about a CUNT COCK WHORE, and some other ALL CAPITAL WORDS. I have to admit, I kind of felt like I hit the big time.

    1. @Leauxra - I've been getting a ton of spam on about 7 or 8 specific posts, to which I cannot draw any kind of correlation (no idea why they are targeted - some don't even have images).

      You hit the big time long before the vitriol was spewed. ;)

      Someone just commented under the original post saying I should reconsider his talent. Um... no thanks. :)

  11. I agree with J.Day. MUST be the president of his stalker club. To which I say a promotion is in order! (Um . . . what comes after president?)

    1. @Mona - I think honorary wife/partner must be the next logical position? Not sure. I've never made it that far. lol.

      Have yourself a great day!


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