Friday, October 12, 2012

Um... Still Sick. And More Stuff.

Fan f_cking-tastic post again.

It's October 12, and I have posted once this month. Awesome.

I've become an insomniac. With my continued mouth breathing (though improving), and my fatigue and rapid heart rate, I just lay and look at the alarm clocks, wondering which light in the dark is more annoying - the Hubs' red display, or my green display.

The answer?


Because I am f_cking tired and cranky.

(Yes, this is the part where you feel a pang of pity for my Hubs)

I keep thinking of things to write about when I am desperately counting down from 500. I think "I should blog about that tomorrow"... then I eat some cheese and make some lemonade and then proceed to do exactly not that.

I usually resort to counting down from 800, only to get distracted repeatedly by useless thoughts and guilt for not completing anything off my to-do list. I have lost important papers I need. I seem to only remember the significance of that to-do list when I am lying in bed, yet I don't seem to reference it at ANY point in the day, when I can actually act on the items.

I feel betrayed by Blogger. The new layout confuses my feeble mind, and it feels like I have to learn all the new bells and whistles before I can adequately post.

I use the term "adequately" quite loosely there, obviously.

Kind of feels like since we moved away, we have fallen off everyone's radars. And then, if I remember the damn 3-hour time difference, I hesitate calling people because I don't want to interrupt them or put them in the awkward situation of having to take my call so they don't come across as rude.

I know it's a distorted way to think, but nonetheless that is how it goes.

The rain has finally begun in BC, and the grey skies are impacting my mood already. Obviously.

My mom came to visit, and that was nice, but now it's gloomy and quiet and lonely. I had lots of plans to do social things, but then falling ill sort of threw everything off. I get winded going up stairs. I can play with the dogs for about 30 seconds before my legs go all shaky. And I keep coughing up lung chunks (I assume), so not the best position to be out socializing. It's been 9 days since I have driven.

My computer mouse stopped working, so I've been retraining myself, perhaps significantly less successfully than a monkey, to use only the trackpad on my laptop. I suck at it. I like me some mouse-y double-clicked-ness.

So... not much new to report with me.

What's new with you guys? Those of you who still come 'round these parts to read my ramblings?


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  1. I hope you feel better soon, just keep eating that cheese and trying not to cough up lung chunks ;) x

  2. Nyquil is great stuff. Just be sure to cut back on the wine. Bummer you are sick. And you know, if this goes on very much longer you might want to get it checked. People still can get pneumonia these days. I'd say by Friday noon you should start googling walk in clinics. Lots new in my world, as you already know. I hope.

  3. It's ridiculous how physical weakness can scare the shizz out of me sometimes. Not that I am the Hulk at my best, but the exasperation that a bout of the flu/food poisoning/allergy/younameit can cause is astounding. The other week I almost collapsed on the bus. I was two stops away from home and couldn't make it all the way because I needed fresh air. I ended up leaning against the fence of the psychiatric hospital (I keep wondering when I might actually pay them a visit, you know) and thinking 'Wow, I just might pass out on the sidewalk here. I am divorced so I don't have a husband to come and get me anymore. My father is at a meeting right now. My sister lives on the other end of the city. My friends are at work. Wow.'

    It was psychosomatic, as is often the case with me, and I'm still dealing with it. I know you already know this, but listen to your body, take it easy, and take good care of yourself.

  4. Awe I hate to read your sick. That's no fun at all :) Have some (more) chicken noodle soup. I'm the same way, I CANNOT USE THAT LAPTOP MOUSE THING. I just can't.. It's not MB friendly! :) - Hang in there lady!

  5. Aww, I was hoping you would be all better by now and dancing on rainbows and all that.

    Being sick sucks ass... but I am serious about the mouth breathing being super SEX-AY... I see people doing it all the time, so it must be a "thing". Or the flu shots they gave us at work are turning us all into zombies. Could be that.

    I hope you feel better soon... if you are still feeling weak and sick and not-breath-y after two weeks of not feeling good, get your ass to the doctor. They might not be able to cure a cold, but they can give you the cough syrup that makes you feel way too happy.

  6. feel better son lovely lady. It really sucks to be sick and not able to sleep.

    Big hugs

  7. You're still sick? At least now I know you were probably the one who got me sick.

    Feel better!

  8. Oh honey, hang in there. Being sick and having insomnia suck. Just be patient with yourself. I'm trying to think of something positive to saying that isn't going to come across as some stupid rah rah Little Mary Sunshine platitude. Needless to say, words are failing. So how about this: F*CK Germs!


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