Monday, October 28, 2019

Keeping Up With The Times?

1 COOOOOOMMENTS! Now you speak up!
I keep getting notifications that my blogger setup is all messed up. Wrong widths and gadgets that don't work. Or widgets? I don't even know. Some crazy shit about ads. Ads that have generated about $34 of revenue in the past 5 years. Lolololol. And they only pay out when it hits $100. Hopefully it'll be good to go by the time the baby is ready for college.

I started this blog years ago, when I was living in Ontario, for shits and giggles. I had really enjoyed reading a few other peoples' blogs and thought I would write the stupid things that came to my mind.

I actually researched and figured out how to personalize the template and add some "flair" so people might be able to find certain content when they search google. Now... now I have no idea what is what. I'm scared to restore to plain blogger because I may lose all my stuff. You know, all the stuff that no one reads anymore unless they happen upon the site by accident, or a disappointing Google search.

Anyway, if anyone still enjoys reading this and can't seem to actually view it on your computer or phone, drop a comment and I will actively try to re-educate myself to right it. Otherwise, I assume it is good enough because I am exhausted, lazy and short on time.

I do want to start writing again. I know just about every blogger who starts to collect dust will write that on their newest update after 6 months, but I do miss it. I'm trying to shift my thinking to not be so mean to myself, but that really doesn't make for fun reading. And this was never intended to be a blog about parenting, but it just so happens that it has become the only thing that I do all day, so obviously my content is going to be skewed.

Ah well.

Writing is good for me, so I should put more of an effort in. The nightly hour(s?) of scrolling Instagram aren't particularly helpful to my overall outlook so maybe you will see me back again soon.

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