Sunday, July 24, 2011

When Paying For Bottle Service....

Make sure you get the last drop.

May or may not be me. Also? The button designated says "FLIRT".


Like you haven't all done this at LEAST once before.

Oh... you haven't? Oh. Erm... okay.

Please disregard.

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  1. You crack me up. And yes I have done this.

  2. I can't say that I have done that. It would come out too slow with that thing on the end.

  3. @Oilfield Trash - Thanks sir. How do you manage to comment first, like, 98% of the time? You amaze me! And, glad I am not alone!

    @George - Trust me, that end thingie is a GOOD THING. lol.

  4. bottle service? is this something i can't afford? because it looks like fun. of course, you should see my counter right now. my newest fave drink is rum, rum, rum, rum, juice, juice, and a dark rum float.

    yummy and effective for curing what ails ya.

  5. Stephany's lessons of Life and Flirtation: chapter Seven.

    A best seller if I ever saw one. <3

  6. I haven't done what the person who may or may not be you in the pic is doing recently, but I tell ya, I'm wishing I I hear vodka makes a nice strawberry vodka now that's really nice with a splash of Sprite!

  7. Of course I have done this. Totally part of growing up in an Aussie country town.
    This girl could pull a bloody good beer from a keg too.

  8. Looks perfectly reasonable. :-)


  9. @steph gas - Can I get a prescription for that? Also? I could only afford it via chipping in with 11 other girls. lol.

    @Storm. Kat Storm. - I just have this classiness about me... it's so hard to be this classy ALL.THE.TIME. ;)

    @Sandra - What the what?! Vodka makes vodka?!? Do you leave it in the closet alone with another bottle? JK. Strawberry would be tasty. I'm going to have to look into that..

  10. @Mynx - This is why you are so incredible awesome. In case you weren't sure.

    @Pearl - Thanks for stopping by! Reasonable AND classy. Ha. And I wasn't wearing my hair in a bun at the time.

  11. hell yeah every milli ounce counts. i'd even do that with a wine bottle though costing significantly less. i'm classy like that.

  12. when you are paying $200+ a bottle you better get ever damn last drop! Oh and be able to take the bottle home after as a souvenir.

  13. Ever heard of a rock shot? I hadn't. While sitting around with some friends last night someone shared with me....its when the bartender gives you a small pebble and you toss it at the bottles lined up against the back of the bar. Whatever it bounces off of is what your shot is made out of. Yeah....sounds like a sure fire way to get the Duck to puke!

    Great photo!

  14. @pattypunker - This is why we need to go to Jamaica together next time! Love it!

    @becca - Indeed! Those two words effectively sum this entire post up!

    @Rachel - Dammit~! I never thought of the souvenir! I mean $200 Finlandia vodka should dang well be a keepsake! lol

    @Daffy - Ooooh, that sounds risky. Reminds me of the night I tried Irish Whiskey with a whipped cream topper... blech!

  15. omigod! WHERE ARE YOU??? I'LL BE RIGHT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. @Kage - Some sketchy bar in a steeltown downtown. Still in? JK. I'll text you first next time. I'm just a quick Westjet flight away to Ontario!

  17. Fuck yeah!!! Whats the point of leaving 'just a little bit' of likker in the bottle???? I shake the bottle and even bang it on the bottom to make sure it's ALL out...when I want maximum boozalicious fun that is a sure way of doing it....anyone with a problem with that can pay for the next bottle...hahaha you rock and I have sorta hijacked your blog...sorry but I get all touchy about maximising my grog intake at there ;)

  18. @Dan - I welcome your blog absorption with open arms, as well as your alcohol-intake-methodology!

    You are one smart fella! I say, good to the last drop! ;)


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