Thursday, July 28, 2011

Irrational Hatred #2 - Devil Spawn Thread

Some of you may be aware that I, sometimes, hold completely insane/maniacal/intense hatreds for relatively inane, everyday things. (Although, in fairness, Michael Bublé is f*cking annoying as f*ck! Inane nothing! GAH!).

These things typically result in an overwhelming and inexplicable outpouring of rage.

This little jean-label-thread-thing here is a hatred I have held for a loooooong time.


Those little threads? Devil spawn, I tell you. Some jeans have them on the back waistband, the pockets, the zipper, up the legs... (okay, not really, but whatever. I hate them).

Some people think that as long as the label is removed, all is well. Those people are WRONG.

Annoys the absolute FUCK dickens out of me.

If I am standing behind you in a line up somewhere and see those little buggers, I am SO tempted to try to rip them out by hand (in vain) to get them to disappear.


I bought two new pairs of jeans the other night and the FIRST this I did was get the sharp-pointy scissors to disembowel the threads.


It's amazing the emotion I hold for these things.
Sometimes my own weirdness even freaks ME out~!

So keep an eye on your waistbands and asses, folks. If I see them, YOUR ASS IS MINE. I can be anywhere and everywhere. And if there are threads, you are NOT safe.

Fair warning.

VICTORY IS MINE!! And yes, I got the jeans on sale. You guys know me BY NOW!

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  1. I have my little idiosyncrasies like that as well. I'm not going to share them because you'll think I'm nuts.

  2. I don't like those things on clothes either.

  3. the last time i bought underwear, they had those stupid threads and the tag. i made sure to use my sharpest, pointiest scissors to cut niiiiiiice and close to the paper. well, we know where i'm going with this. i straight up cut a hole through my new underwear.

  4. hanging ribbons on clothes...arggghh. I always end up cutting them off because they always manage to show nt matter how i tuck them in. Agreed about the Jeans label too. Michael Buble, well, agree to disagree perhaps (I think he is gorgeous)

  5. Your jeans say "low rise, perfect skinny." Sounds to me like you have nothing to complain about, missy.

  6. you hooooooo! over here! (waves denim clad ass in your general direction)

  7. Don't feel bad I walk through the store and straighten shit up. Can't stand shit being crooked.

  8. What about those little plastic T-shaped things that never fucking come out when you pull the label. Gah!!!!! And they always put them on the neckline, or in the ass, or someplace else it's bound to itch like freakin' crazy.

    OK, where's my freaking Prozac...

  9. Way to go on the sale! that is some good wheeling & dealing! i have to say i never notice the threads - but i don't tuck my shirts in, either, so no one will ever see them in any case! ; )

  10. @George - What's that now? Something about your nuts? Did you get skinny-fit jeans, too???

    @Oilfield Trash - But do they incite rage? Full-blown, maniacal, inexplicable rage? Yes? Okay.

    @You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... - I did that once. ONCE. Now I live with inner tags. But I risk it all on those label threads. Denim is more forgiving!

    @Mynx - Agreed to disagree. lol.

    @Chris - I intentionally cut off the size. Not proud to say I am at my heaviest in years and my wedding is two months away. I just keep buying bigger jeans. :(

  11. @Kage - I wave my shaking, rage-y hand in your (ass's) general direction!! Oh, how you taunt!

    @Bushman - My need for evenness (is that a word?) originally prompted me NOT to take architecture in school, because I knew I couldn't stand designing a structure that didn't have even windows. Now my house on the other hand... you can come over and straighten ANY TIME!!

    @Tom G. - I always think it will be faster if I just rip it out quickly and STRONGLY with my hands. I am almost always wrong. I make a big hole. And the damn thing unravels. Thanks for reminding me, dammit!

    @carmar76 - You have probably never noticed because you are NORMAL. lol. Unlike myself. And, I keep paying less and less as I keep buying bigger sizes. It's the only way I rationalize it!


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