Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday In Canada...

Figured you all needed a break from my honeymoon travel exploits.

Just wanted to share with my American readers the kind of shit we get for Black Friday in Canada. The sales here are just mind boggling.

You can get an iPad2 in the U.S. for $12.78 if you are first in line, cut a bitch, and stalk the store like a maniac.

Here in chilly Canada, we just sit back at our computers and await our wicked tech deals from stores like at the stroke of midnight (or 4am if you awake due to horrific nightmares and decide that a glass of cranberry juice and some internet surfing will make it all better, like me).

 I found this, early this morning. Instead of sleeping, I started searching the live sales.

Try to control your jealousy:


The best part?

The damn thing was sold out!! For real.


Back to more honeymoon chaos in the next post...

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  1. Ha! Too funny. Seriously, I don't know why we even try to appropriate Black Friday. It's never going to work for us.

  2. So, I refuse to line up at 10PM on Thanksgiving to get the "doorbusters" sales, but I have to admit, I like swooping in at the end of the sales to get shit for MYSELF. I never shop for anyone else on Black Friday. It just wouldn't be right. And I need some new jeans.

  3. That Future Shop ad is funny. My daughter and I were there today and nothing was on sale that we could see.

  4. That has the be the best deal on anything that I have ever seen. I'm officially jealous. No wonder it was sold out!

  5. Just did a post on Black Friday myself. Not my thing. Deal or no deal. I guess because I'm a simple person. I don't need much technology to survive. I still have a trac phone. Just have a computer and an Ipod.

  6. I um...well...are you planning to move to America anytime soon? I can get you $30 of tape for $30!

  7. hmmm bizarro north american sales thingies...i spose we have similar 'stocktake sales' shit here..the shop attendants wear crash helmets when they open the doors...peeps are ravenous..

  8. Being across the pond, I have to say that I LOVE Black Friday. I look forward to it all year long. Some of the deals are truly worth it. I've become a sheet snob so getting a set of queen sized 550TC sheets for $35 instead of their usual $70+. Also $160+ worth of Bath & Body works for $21?? I think YES!

  9. @Stephanie - I suppose we can be glad no one is busting out pepper spray for an XBox at the local Wal-Mart?

    @Leauxra - In all fairness, I did buy shit for myself online. But I guess I'll share the new printer with The New Husband.

    @Belle - It was truly disappointing. Would have been nice to have a few "doorcrashers", even if they sold out in 2 seconds.

    @lisa from insignificant at best - I KNOW. I want one and I don't even own anything Apple-branded.

  10. @The Phoenix Rising - You've already bested me - I don't even own an iPod. Nothin'. I got my then-9-year-old niece's hand me down MP3 player when SHE got an iPod! Ha!

    @middle child - Hello again! You know, now that you mention it, I invoked an astounding amount of resentment last year from The New Husband from buying dollar store tape. NOT WORTH IT... so I *AM* in the market for tape!! Especially at face value!! ;)

    @Dan - Crash helmets sound like the most sensible thing in all this craziness!

    @Michael - We registered for.. wait for it... 1000 TC sheets for the wedding. Never got 'em. But hey, if you find good deals, then I'm all for it. But Canada seems to suck balls at Black Friday deals.

  11. Now THAT was funny!

    Minnesotans pretty much feel the same way, I think. It's the cold -- makes us calm and practical.


  12. @Pearl - Marketers have no use for the practical. We are TOTALLY under appreciated!


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