Wednesday, November 28, 2012

$400 off a kitchen appliance? Me, break nice things?


Skimming through the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales was relatively disappointing. But I can tell you, with certainty, the one phrase that will make me click away faster than a dog caught looking at cat porn on its owner's laptop.

The phrase:

"Save $400 on the _______________ for your kitchen! Today only!"

Da Fahq?

Rule #1: If you are SAVING $400, you are going to have to bleed to pay for it in the first place. Hell, even at 50% off, that's terrifying.

I would most certainly sever an artery with those pricey knives, and what the hell is with the overpriced, wonky silverware? If I'm going to pay that much for spoons, don't make using a knife even harder for me, the Bay.

Rule #2: If it is a kitchen appliance/accessory, I am not interested. If it is an expensive kitchen appliance/accessory, I will (and do) run, screaming, as fast as my feeble legs will carry me in the opposite direction.

Rule #3: The more expensive something is, the faster I accidentally break it/destroy it in the laundry/accidentally spill bleach on it/lose it.

Don't even get me started on a VitaMix.

There is a method to my madness. My $15 Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen watch? That baby lasted me over 12 years, until I dropped it rushing through my anxiety-laden trip at the Vancouver airport in July. The second hand busted off inside the watch, and it was cost prohibitive to fix.

:...(  *tear* My old tried and true, that fit on my wonky, scrawny wrist. That had more spent on batteries over the years than on the watch itself...

I hummed and hawed and debated getting an actual "grown up" watch, but I was super hesitant because I know how I operate. I knew the life of said "adult" watch would be limited. 

I finally bought myself a spiffy new Skagen watch - worth over 7 times as much as my original, beloved watch from the Twins from Full House - and I accidentally placed it too close to the edge of the bathroom counter.

It slips to the floor, passionately kisses the ceramic tile, and ends up with a crack the glass face from the tryst. This happened after already denting and damaging the steel band from being so swift as to wear it while we moved furniture in and out of the house for our move.

I leave it for a few days and attempt to wear it anyway, only to discover it is now fully cracked, and fully f_cked.

I actually cut my finger inspecting it. I clearly need Playskool branded wares.

And, to quote my very own mother, this is why I can't have nice things.

So, I tend to stick with what's safe. Corelle dishes from Canadian Tire. Cheap watches from Wal-Mart. Kitchen Aid blenders on clearance from nearly-defunct Zellers. Shit that you EXPECT to break, that often far outlasts when you think it will.

In my case, quality doesn't necessarily trump quantity. When you are this accident-prone, you need to take proactive measures. If you come over for dinner and I offer you a paper plate, now you'll know why.

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  1. Okay . . . the prices in that picture can't be real? Can they? You're must be messing with me. That's it. I'm sure of it. I'll stick with that. lol

  2. I love white clothing. Especially white fluffy jackets. But I don't own a single one. Because I am certain that on the first day, I will eat spaghetti and drink wine and stain it within hours.

    Oh, I understand this oh so well.

    This year at the eye doctor (no glasses! I got lasik!) I found out I could still use the insurance to get frames, so i got some fancy Oakley sunglasses. I can say I haven't LOST them, anyway.

    (I am typing this around the giant bandaid on my thumb where, apparently, I tried to sever an artery cutting an apple.)

  3. Note to self: if StephanieC comes to visit, do not let her play with the nice Japanese kitchen knives. If you are worried about severing an artery with the cheap ones, these will take off an entire limb and you won't notice. As you might be able to tell from a recent rant, I hate that "Save x" stuff as well. I think there is a special circle of hell reserved for advertisers. There was a cheap timex watch I had for years, through several battery replacements, and then it wouldn't run anymore. There was another one from Lee Valley I really liked, but the jeweler couldn't open the back to replace the battery.

  4. Why you would pay that much for kitchen knives in the first place is beyond me! :P x

  5. love the blog, new follower!! ^_^

    Nina x

  6. Whaaaaaaaat? :O Is this price is real?

  7. Touche. Sound arguments. Keep up the good work.


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