Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easy Bean Salad Recipe (gluten free, too)

This was inspired by my excessively expensive bean salad purchase from a few weeks ago, and a new commenter on the blog. No, this isn't a food blog. Shush.

Here's a super easy (gluten-free) bean salad recipe that I made with my mom-in-law.

Upside down garlic infused olive oil with salt and pepper.

You can do it, too. Or not. It's not like most of you came here for a recipe, right?

1/2 can drained and rinsed chick peas
1/2 can drained and rinsed black beans
(or a full large can of mixed beans. Go nuts.)
2-3 cups cooked quinoa (it's gluten-free, super cheap at bulk food stores, and takes 15 minutes to cook... even *I* can do it) Also? Avoid looking like an idiot at the store by properly pronouncing it as KEEN-WAH. not Quinn-Oh-Ah.
2/3 of a red, orange or yellow bell pepper, chopped
15-20 halved cherry tomatoes (or just chop up a regular tomato, but it will be more wet)
As much cucumber as you want
1/4 - 1/2 sliced up avocado
1 medium shaved/grated carrot (it's too crunchy if it's just sliced)
1/4 red onion, chopped (optional, don't use it if you hate onion or your husband does. lol)
sea salt (or regular salt) to taste
black pepper to taste
whatever the heck else you feel like seasoning it with

Almost done this bean salad. I added in another 1/4 avocado, some more salt and grated carrot. Just waiting for the quinoa to finish in my rice cooker. (I'm lazy like that, yo). p.s. I don't know why blogger is rotating my photos, and I don't know how to fix 'em.   

Dress it with:
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil (or whatever oil you have in your cupboard; Me and my judgy organic extra virginous oil are not judging you. *snickers at industrial vat of vegetable oil in your cabinet*)
2-3 cloves of garlic (allow to steep in the olive oil for an hour or so, if you can)
Lemon or lime juice to taste

Remember me? Don't be a sucker.

There are a ton of variations on the dressing, including adding in cider vingear, orange juice (not worth the sugar, really), and other stuff. Knock yourself out. But not literally, if you're cooking on the stove. Duh. Add whatever veggies make your tummy happy. Or your bowels. Or both. We all need some loveable roughage in our lives.

Be warned that most tamari sauces, malt vinegar, and lots of other mixes contain GLUTEN, because that sh** is in EVERYTHING. The simpler the ingredients, the better.

Be further warned that if you are not a big fiber-eater, your tummy might have something to say about all these beans the next day. Just sayin'.


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  1. My wife makes a great bean salad. Uses shallots instead of onions, and sometimes adds other kinds of beans. It's great for taking to work for lunch. I used to not like bean stuff, and I always think, "gack" when I see it, then after the first bite I chow it down.

  2. Awesome! Love the post first off, you are lol ginda gal! Second, infusing the oil is the kicker I bet, I'm gonna try this. Thanks so much for the recipe! Ps. I'm a follower. I'll tweet & pin once I get in front of my computer, can't pin on my mobile which is a total bummer ;) Have an awesome day!!

  3. Bar the chickpeas, I must say that this salad looks incredibly enticing, Stephanie. I'm going to share it with one of my friends who also could use some more gluten-free recipes. :)

    -Barb the French Bean


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