Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oh. Hai.

So... yeah, I've been here.

Oh, shit, looks like Blogger ate my last two month's worth of every-other-day posting.

Geesh, how could that happen?

Didn't you guys notice? It's totally not that I have been actually NOT writing anything on the blog. No, that's just crazy talk. Crazy talk.

I mean, normally auto-draft comes in and saves everything, but... uh... Blogger totally ate the posts. Posts, I must say, that were the highest caliber of writing you could ever hope to see on these pages. Brilliance. Wit. You would have laughed. Cried. Stopped for a moment, holding yourself in the fetal position on the floor.

Also? I know this is shocking, but I am a super anxious person.
I know, I know. I bet you're floored.

Anyway, just been spending the last week researching cars and SUVs and flying dogs as cargo and generally not sleeping or eating... but most certainly losing my mind. You know, the usual.

After all the discussions, it came down to logistics:

Meet our new Great Dane-approved SUV. Also, please stop judging me, the other dog is just peeing. I thought I would refrain from adding dog poop to this post. But just this one.

So, yeah, I'm pretty sure my dogs are the most expensive dogs in the world. I hope they enjoy the tour of the Canadian countryside. They had damn well better, because I am guessing that me and the hubs won't be speaking to each other by day two.

We've got a wee drive ahead of us.

Thank goodness for satellite radio.

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  1. Hey, the same damn thing happened to me last month. Stupid blogger (I totally had pre-written all of the posts. Totally.)

    Oh. OH. Yes. Those dogs seem like they might be a wee bit difficult to move. What adorable expensive pups, though. Here's hoping they don't cry and barf the whole time.

    1. @Leauxra - You made me lol. Then sit, terrified, contemplating the possibility of two car sick dogs on a 4,700 km trip.

      And yes, DAMN BLOGGER.

  2. Canadian countryside. That's only about 6000 K of vagueness. Call, text, tweet, email if you come through Calgary. You've got to keep an eye on Blogger.

    1. @Keith - I know, I know, I have to be a little vague. I have a stalker or two.

      I will likely be headed through Calgary, with two large, unruly pups. lol.

  3. Two big dogs in a car on a road trip. Fun times ahead
    Expecting plenty of pics to go with the stories :)
    Drive safe

    1. @Mynx - Hi Mynx! I am dreading the dog-caring part. I love them immensely, but they are hard to manage. It will be a challenge to continually get them in and out of the SUV safely for pee breaks.

      And finding pet friendly hotels should be a challenge...

      I will take a ton of pics... you know it!

  4. Hi Stephanie,

    It has been a long while since I dropped in, but don't feel left out. I wasn't visiting anyone. I stopped blogging entirely for a long time in order to gather my wits (and finish my BA). I have missed your funny take on life.

    Great Danes? Cool. We used to have a sort-of-almost Great Dane when I was a kid. (We think he had a bit of Boxer in him.) He was a goofy, cheerful, maybe not so bright dog. He was a natural born kid friendly guy. I still miss him.


    1. @Rick - Hi there Rick. Blogs do tend to be cyclical. That damn real world out there tends to interfere.

      Our Great Dane is very loveable to us, but not so happy with strangers. Should be an interesting trip! Congrats on finishing your BA!

  5. Replies
    1. @Hey Monkey Butt - Thanks! I'll be a stressball, but as long as we stay safe, I'll be happy...ish.

      Admittedly probably fairly cranky. But happy-ish, too.

  6. Great Danes make me giddy! Feel free to ship him to me for dog-sitting!

    1. @CrazyTragicAlmostMagic - If I could figure out an affordable, safe way to ship him, I would. I really would.

      You should volunteer at a Great Dane rescue or an animal shelter! All the pets and snuggles without the extreme vet bills or house covered in drool!

      Hope you are managing ok.


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