Thursday, August 25, 2011

Creepiest Job Title Ever...

I kid you not, at a hospital in Mississauga, Ontario:

Creepiest Job Title EVAR.

Are people actually running around wasting the stuff? Really? Seriously?


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  1. Or the perfect cover for a vampire... ; )

  2. Rehab coordinator for blood thirsty vampires ; )

  3. I do my best to conserve my blood every day. Maybe I should apply.

  4. @carmar76 - THAT'S why there is a huge blood donation drive here. Sneaky!

    @The Empress - Seriously makes you wonder, doesn't it? Wonder and experience nausea at the same time.

    @Tom G. - In all honesty, how would one fail to conserve their own blood? Would you otherwise practice bloodletting?

    Wait... don't answer that!

  5. After seeing that I had to look up what the hell those people do.

  6. Coordinator is the funniest thing about that.

  7. They definitely need to re-name that job!

  8. @George - I finally did, too. I still don't ENTIRELY get it, but question the presence of vampires.

    @Sausage Fingers - I know, RIGHt!?!?! I wonder how long you have to take a crack at it before you are no longer co-ordinator, but are manager...

    @Belle - I certainly wouldn't be handing out my business card at the bar with a title like that! Then again, I don't go to bars. Or try to pick up.

    @Barb - I KNOW! All the while looking at FeyoncĂ©™'s bloody, recovering eye ball. It was too much for my stomach to tolerate at once.

  9. @Kage - Passes pillow quickly to cushion Kage's fall!!!

    Sorry. I know.

  10. whoa bet a vampire rules that office

  11. @JinJin - It did make me queasy. But not queasy enough to NOT take the photo. lol

    @Ariel - Odd AND creepy, though probably really useful.

    @becca - It certainly makes me wonder...

  12. That is the most awesomely creepy title ever!


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