Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Blog O' Mine!

Well, holy shyte.


Nothing butt

the finest, most upstanding writing on this blog...

not that I want to beat a dead horse... or club a baby seal.

I'm just cool like that, yo.

Who would have believed I could keep my attention span fixated long enough to maintain a blog for an entire year.

It was a year ago, today, when FeyoncĂ©™ (then "BF" or "Boyfriend") was away on work, I was bored and had been watching way too many episodes of True Blood, and I had been exposed to the fabulosity and hilarity provided by Allie Brosh's blog "Hyperbole And A Half".

I figured I would try my hand at it, because weird shit or annoying stuff always seems to happen to me. My first month I had 82 whopping page views, most likely because of my emails to family and friends to check it out. So thanks to you guys who took the time to read, some even "followed", and others commented!


Made it feel good to know I was sharing something with other people (what?? I'm generally not good at sharing).

Over 33,000 page views and a year later, here I sit. That may not seem to significant, but I think it's pretty neat. Sure, a lot of people stumble across the blog only through searching Google images for mainly hairy noses, sexy socks, "clubbing" and spandex ass (all from my stats, I cannot tell a lie), but there are still lots of people who take the time to read stuff and I LOVE YA!

Also? I have made an astounding $63.99 in ad revenue, which practically makes me a zillionaire, allowing me to quit my day job and live with a butler and chauffeur. Don't hate.

So, boring post, but YAY ME!

That very first post is HERE if you want to read it.


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  1. congrats! and you're making money??? ridic. i may have to try generating ad revenue on my blog. try not to blow that ALMOST $64 in one place.

  2. @steph gas - Thanks chicky poo! Not making much, obviously, and Google only writes a cheque once you hit $100.

    I still, however, promish not to blow it all in one place when and if I ever get it!! :)

  3. rock on most awesome one!


    bloggerering is greater than true blood...jus' sayin'

  4. Whoa. That spandex ass is something else. Congrats on one year!!!!


  5. Happy Blogoversary! Congrats on one year. Here's to many more!!

  6. @bruce - Why thank you! But there is less vampire sex with this blog than there is True Blood. So I lose a point there.

    @sugar-free-thoughts - Many thanks! Cheers back atcha!

    @The Empress - We'll see what lies ahead. I think as I start to feel "better" I have less to say! ;)

  7. Congrats, Stephanie! Here's to many, many more years of blogging! :-D

  8. Congrats...only been here a few days, or some shit like that but I like it....
    Yeah I had a look at my search engine stuff and there were some crazy ones like 'going down on Ivana in the carpark', 'killing my grandparents' and 'eating with a spork'...
    Sorry got a bit sidetracked there....glad you have accepted do don't you?

  9. Wow, I second Steph Gas' comment. You make money in ad revenue? Maybe I need to look into this...


    Congrats on the year's work. :)

  10. Happy blogaversy. :) It's an awesome feeling isn't it. :)

    PS: You're making money on ad revenue - I want to get in on that!

  11. @Barb the French Bean - Probably not... but thanks!

    @Dan - With open arms, my blogger friend. Just for the record, your search terms have better stories. And sporks are AWESOME. I was sad when I didn't use mine in Africa. Felt like a wasted trip.

    @You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... - It only works if people actually CLICK on the ads... and thanks! A year of time I will NEVER get back. lol.

    @Chris - Thanks!

    @Stephanie - Lots of Stephanie's up in here! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm not sure how much longer I will keep at it.

    Again, the revenue only works if people are interested and click on your ads. :(

  12. haha i just noticed someone got to my site by searching "spank my ass daddy" yeah umm ok well then. Hey at least they read my blog

  13. @twisteddomesticgoddess - That's a pretty good one, I have to admit. More depth than spandex ass, so you are up a point. lol.

    Thanks for leaving a comment! Much appreciated!


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