Monday, August 22, 2011

Pole Dancing - Sexpot Extraordinaire....

Well, surely I have your attention right now.

I decided, after a two (or so) year hiatus from trying a pole-fit class, which really isn't pole-dancing, that I would.. uh... get back in the saddle and try again.

My last lessons were taught partially by an extremely flexible lady and a very vivacious man who owned a studio in my hometown. This time, I paid the big bucks and went to a place locally...

I imagined myself looking like this (with a slightly rounder silhouette and less boobs):

IF ONLY my ass looked that small... I wouldn't NEED pole-fit class.

And after the first 4 minutes, realized that I wasn't even close to looking THIS cute, even:

This pole dancer even has better hair than I do.... *sigh*

I felt rusty, creaky and clunky as the instructor moved and swayed her hips, seemingly effortlessly, smooth, sleek and in-the-know.

I felt like the biggest fake EVAR. She did a quick run down of level 1 (see, I had done this before, you know, so I figured I could TOTALLY head straight into level 2, maybe even 3)... and I stared, slack-jawed at my inability to figure out a f*cking thing she was doing.

There is such an art to looking graceful while trying to spin and pull yourself up on the pole. There truly is.

My last class involved more running leaps to try to spin around the pole. This new class is more about sensual movement, empowerment, and transitioning effortlessly from falling off the pole, onto your ass, and back up again without looking like you are even trying.

Beginner Pole Fit Fun from Stephanie Cee on Vimeo.

I clearly lack grace, but man, it WAS FUN!!

I have the utmost respect (you know, fitness wise) for girls who pole-dance as professionals. They ARE STRONG, FIT women.

I saw this video on youtube and had to share it.

Check out the crazy move at around 1:31... I can't embed the video... the girl is clothed and should be safe for work, unless someone is looking over your shoulder and wondering why the hell you are looking up pole-fitness tips online at work. lol.

Hopefully I will start to suck less as time goes on.

I attended a chair-fit class on the weekend which included a strenuous, painful series of leg, butt, thigh and arm strengthening moves with a TEENY bit of chair dance at the end.

I woke up ALL night because I was in so much pain.

Good lord, I have a long way to go before I even hit puppy pole-dance cuteness...


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  1. Are you playing Motley Crue while doing this? Because I think you have to be playing Motley Crue's Girls Girls Girls to really perfect this craft. I'm just sayin'.....I heard things.

  2. hah! SO funny. Glad you had fun!

  3. I bet I would look like a freaking idiot try to do some shiz like that.. Good luck, I hope you are great one day..

  4. @sugar-free-thoughts - You may be right on that one, but I think it was mostly hip hop from 2+ years ago.

    @Ariel - Thanks. Not as much fun at the new place... I look even more ridiculous.

    @AmberLaShell - Thank you... I bet you could rock it. I suck now. I feel very out of place, but pole fit was always fun at Eryx's. If you get the right studio, it can be very very fun!

  5. This video has been blocked in my country on copyright grounds.

  6. @George - Uploading it to the blog's Facebook page, just for you. If that doesn't work, I'll try Vimeo.

    But you aren't missing much. ;)

  7. I'd love to find a pole fit class near me. It looks like such fun!! I'm use to falling on my ass and looking like an ass ;o)

  8. okay, that youtube video? it's like the stripper trifecta: tramp stamp, belly ring, AND knee high boots.

    ALSO. they have yet to build a pole to support me.

    ALSO ALSO. chair-fit sounds like some kind of fucking torture.

  9. How the helll.....? I HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS EVEN A THING! I am totally going over to the recreation center and looking this up... They MUST have it. They have aqua aerobics, right? Why wouldn't they have pole dancing? Those little old ladies who spend their days down there need to retain flexibility, you know...

  10. I thought of trying the pole fit, but I have NO balance as it is and would certainly harm myself.

  11. @Daffy - Sounds like a perfect fit to me!! ;) Find it and do it! You'll love it after you get over the feeling like a dork part. (OR maybe never if you are me).

    @steph gas - I just need the tattoo and then I am PRACTICALLY a stripper. Also? The poles are fixed into the ceiling and can hold anyone, sexy face. ALSO ALSO? It was NOT fun until the last 10 minutes. The first 50 were HELL.

    @Leauxra - Hmmm, even their chairfit would be much, MUCH different... It would be awesome if the community centre had it... it would be more affordable...

    @Brandy Rose - You don't need balance... just upper body strength, so you would kick ass!! (you know, after baby-age).

  12. You rock girl!!!!

  13. @stephc, okay i have the tramp stamp too. but a belly ring might get lost in my belly. AND i haven't found knee high boots i like yet. so, i'm practically there too. damn it.

  14. Just love pole dancing .... I am totally uncoordinated but that is half the fun and you sure know you've had a workout!

  15. haha, I love the song in the video... even if they did rip off one of my favorite songs of all time...
    My friend (La Pinata) takes pole dancing and is actually quite good, though I can't see where she's lost any weight (don't tell her I said that), but she really enjoys it... and enjoys telling guys she does it... hehe... I think about going with her sometimes, but as old, fat, and just plain uncoordinated as I, I think its best for all if I stay home and play video games.

  16. @The Empress - Thanks!! I'll go, if you come with!! ;)

    @Betty Bo - Why thank ye. Moms never lie.

    @twilightgazing - Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. It is fun, despite my ineptitude. And YES! YOU DO FEEL IT the next day!

    @Storm. Kat Storm. - I bet you could kick ASS at it, if you tried it with your friend for a while. It builds upper body strength. I never lost weight before.

    And I am ALL ABOUT the Ghetto Love. lol.

  17. @steph gas - Hey - does that really complicate an epidural during pregnancy?

    Anywho, we could start our own pole-fit blogging company. Or something. And it would be awesome. And all the clients would be lost in your Bewbz... no worries about belly. ;)

  18. I walked into a pole the other day....yes I was staring at a particularly peachy girls derriere. She looked at me and laffed after I cursed at my misfortune...

  19. I took one of those classes once and I was sore for an entire week! :)

  20. @Dan - Sounds like a fitting punishment to the crime... lol

    @Paula - Hi there, thanks for leaving a comment! I KNOW! My left arm felt like something was torn for the first week. I had my third class last night and am waiting to see how seized up I become! But good fun, right?!?!


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