Monday, October 10, 2011


At least they think so:

And we foolishly wasted money on a new dog bed for him....

Gotta love it.

I think organza and lace suits Schultz. Ella would look stunning in those pearls.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone!! I`ve got lots to be thankful for obviously!

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  1. You are stunning. This isn't bad luck is it?

  2. Wow. You look amazing. And of COURSE the dogs like it. Dogs smell money.

  3. @George - Why thank ye sir. I don`t think it is bad luck. Only if it`s raining cats and dogs. I think lounging dogs are ok.

    @Leauxra - Thanks very much. The dogs didn`t realize I bought the sample dress. hahaha!

  4. An amazing couple...a beautiful wedding...a gorgeous stunning bride...a perfect day. An extra special Thanksgiving for sure!!! XOXOXOXO

  5. Even raining cats and dogs is okay...apparently it is good luck if it rains on your wedding day. You look stunning! I love that you weren't too uptight about letting them on the dress...shows what a proud puppy mommy you are. :)

    Thanks for sharing a picture of you on your special day.

  6. What's a dress without a little dog hair? Congratulations!

    (Great dogs, BTW!)

  7. Oh you are so beautiful. The dress is stunning. More pics please :)

  8. look purty....that's the marriage outfit i gather, yeah? A lispy simply stunning from me!
    Umm the dog with the laser beam eyes is really freaking me out though...
    congrats on getting hitched!

  9. You look lovely! Happy Thanksgiving to you also.

  10. you are gorgeous!! nice updo, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! : )

  11. congrats! when did you get married??? my anniversary was saturday :D also: i refused to take my wedding dress out of the garment bag when i was at home because we had two grey cats and a black dog. and my dress had 17 layers of tulle and a petticoat and i was terrified of getting hair on it. now i kind of wish i had a photo of me with my oldest cat wearing my dress :/

  12. Stunning bride! :) congratulations and best wishes!

  13. @Betty Bo - Thanks Mom. So happy about it all! Hope you had fun!

    @According to Jewels - Believe me, that dress was exposed to everything. lol. Thanks very much for the kind words.

    @Ach du lieber - I'd say incomplete!! Thanks! :)

    @Mynx - You are too kind. Thank you. I'll try to post the funny ones the photographer took once I have them. ;)

    @Dan - That would be the marriage outfit. Thanks. Schultz acted as laser-equipped security for the night.

    @Belle &
    @carmar76 - Thanks very much. Happy Thanksgiving to you two, too. (Wow, say that three times fast). The hair took 2 hours! GAH!

    @steph gas - Saturday it was. :)
    We were lucky enough to have BEAUTIFUL weather. And I was super pumped to get pet pictures (albeit this was at the END of the night)!

    @JinJin - You are too sweet! Many thanks!

  14. You look breathtaking! Congrats!

  15. @Paula - Thank you!

    You may be pleased to know that I got a professional raptor shot taken with our wonderful photographer!! lol. Will post when available.

  16. You look amazing! I hope your day was all you hoped/expected it to be. And this photo with the dogs? Awesome!

  17. @gotjack28 - Many thanks for the kind words. For unrelated reasons, I am ready to throttle someone, so that was nice.

    The day was really perfect, but I'm paying for it now (future blog post to come).

  18. Hey- CONGRATULATIONS!!! You and the dress and even the dogs looked beautiful. :)


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