Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You Know Your Dogs Are On Edge When...

1. You fart and they fly to the front door, barking their heads off.

2. You fart once more and they resume their determined defense against the flatulence-producing-danger within their hearing range.

3. A lady yells at her 15-year-old daughter on Party Mamas for inviting too many people to her quinceanera, and the dogs unleash their (shared?) fury on the front door in my house.

I can only imagine what my not-yet-conceived children are going to be like.

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  1. Honey, don't worry about your future kids. I'm sure the dogs will teach them how to bark too.

  2. And think of the assistance with potty training!!

  3. LOL all i can think is - goodness, what were you EATING? : )

  4. @middle child - You are probably right. I think they've taught all the neighbourhood kids to bark, too.

    @Ach du lieber - Oh dear lord... I will never EVER seek doggy kisses again.

    @carmar76 - TWO WORDS: WHEAT.

  5. I find kids to be more quiet than dogs. By a little bit.

  6. @carmar76 - Honestly, you think I'd know better by now... I've been feeling ill for 4 days, but had no choice but eat wheat or starve on the way home from the honeymoon. :(

    @Belle - Interesting. I thought they both broke the sound-sanity continuum line. (I totally made that shizz up. Doc from BTTF would be proud).

  7. hmmm. maybe they need doggy anger management classes?


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