Monday, October 24, 2011

Well now it *MUST* be official...

Just changed my status from engaged to married on Facebook, so now it HAS to be legitimate.


Quite sure this is more legal than that napkin we both signed...

You know your honeymoon must have started out well when the top of your "to-do" list when you arrive home includes writing six detailed complaint letters to the various travel-related companies that effed up royally.

And you can be sure I will post their replies here, when and if I get replies.

Just for the record? Lufthansa airlines believes it is perfectly acceptable to spend 80+ hours (you know, a short 4 days) to get to a destination that should take 25 hours, tops. And not tell you that they've changed the schedule accordingly.

Seriously, it's hard to pronounce. Don't judge me.

***DO YOU GALS/GUYS WANT A RUN DOWN OF THE TRAVEL FUN, or is that shizz boring?*** (I might write about it anyway, to rant.)

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  1. I follower another blogger who just got married and she wrote about a honeymoon from hell. So, with that said...

    PLEASE write about it!

    (I had to delete and repost. I used the wrong "write". That shizz doesn't fly with me!)

  2. i hope you do write about it so i can hate these people with you!

  3. @gotjack28 - oooh, do share her webpage, I'm always up for a "who got screwed over worse"-a-thon!! I will write. Man, it was painful.

    @Ammie - I knew I could count on you to have my back, girl! ;)

    Be sure to stink eye:
    - Air Canada
    - Lufthansa
    - Sri Lankan Airways

  4. Please, Stephanie, if you feel like ranting, FIRE AWAY!

    PS, I love that photo of you with your poochie comforter! ^.^ My congratulations on making your status Facebook official!

  5. Yes, please do tell us! That way we know who to shun and why. I guess first lesson is don't fly on airline that you can't pronounce?

  6. Congratulations on your marriage! I've been awaiting your return most anxiously, so I'm voting YES on the post to tell us allllll about it!

  7. Congrats on your nuptuals and sorry to hear your honeymoon was fraught with shitasticly shitty customer service experiences. Please do a rant post featuring the efftards that jacked up your matrimonial celebration. Then we can all share it around the internet. Hugs!

  8. you absolutely, must must must tell us all about it! pretty please w/ a bottle of something yummy on top?! : )

  9. I love comparing shitty trips with other people. I can't wait to read your post about it.

  10. Ugh the memories of that german airline haunt me to this day...they bent me over, de-panted me and rammed a....well decorum prevents me from writing more but they were terribly inefficient and cost me a s*** load of $$$$.
    post about shrink told me it is good to know to link hands with fellow sufferers and lessen the pain...

  11. @Barb the French Bean - It makes me tired just thinking about the fight. And thanks!! :)

    @J.Day - I knew I should have avoided Loofthzthazathan sa. Dammit.

    @Jo - DAY-UM, I appreciate your enthusiasm!

    @The Empress - I can rely on your for support. Feels so good.

    @carmar76 - Well, I must, now that you have asked so kindly. Perhaps with a bottle of wretched-cranky-travelling-Stephanie?

    @Belle - You're my kinda gal. lol.

    @Dan - A valid point, rant and process. Sucks to keep that all stored up inside, right?? ;)


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