Saturday, October 1, 2011

He's a Simple Dog...

I just don't have the heart to tell him that he's lying on the PUPPY'S bed, which is approximately half the width, length and thickness of his dog bed.

Um, Schultzy? You're lying on... oh... never mind...

Oh well, I guess he seems comfortable. And in all fairness, they LOOK the same, not that he can see the colour.

Oh... it appears that this isn't his first confused experience:

Your legs are kind of.... oh, forget it.

He seemed to prefer my parents' dog's bed when they were dogsitting before.
(Also note the creative use of headboards and wooden furniture, acting as barricades to prevent his Great Dane butt from overtaking their lovely sofas).



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  1. Ha Ha ha, that is awesome!

    Our big dog tend to curl up on the little dog's mat, and yes he curls himself up to fit, ignoring the much larger mat right beside it. You know, the one that now has the little furry dog on it. Good thing they are so cute, cuz are not quite rocket scientists....

  2. Great pics. Dogs are funny without meaning to be.

  3. My dog does this too. Bought her a nice fluffy bed, and she sleeps adjacent to it. Close but not touching.


  4. @Brahm (alfred lives here) - Hello there, and thanks for taking the time to comment! Indeed, they can curl up to tiny balls. He CAN fit into a narrow wing-back chair we have, too. I think their desire for smaller stuff makes it that much cuter!

    @Belle - You know it! He's hilarious, adorable, and nuts. - Adjacent. Close enough to see the plushness, but not so close as to USE it and MUSS it up. lol. You know, dog body oil sticks so much nicer to the carpet!

  5. Dogs are so much fun! The best part is trying to get in their head to see what actually goes on in there!

  6. he is good looking boy. i wouldn't have the heart to point out he's too big either.

    ps: added you to my blogroll. could have sworn you were on it. ugh.

  7. @Bushman - I've tried, trust me. I have no idea what goes on in there, except "I love dah-dee. I love dah-dee. I love dah-dee."

    @becca - We think so!

    @pattypunker - I don't want to give him body issues, you know? Danes these days are so impressionable... and thank for adding me!! :)

    @Paula - He's our adorable galoot.


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