Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Quick, irrelevant post

Does anyone want to hear about the last half of the trip across Canada?

I don't want to be a spoiler, but we MIGHT have made it back here alive. It's hard to know, though.

I should be writing funny things and being consistent and stuff, but I have been too busy drooling over shoes I will never, ever, ever own... and laughing at dogs who have been shamed.

See? Irrelevant and random.

Exhibit A:

Aaaaah mah gaaaaaaahd. This photo doesn't do them justice. Jimmy Choo, I love you.

These shoes made me wet my pants a little. I saw them, in person, in my size, in Vancouver. I had to resist like hell to not try them on. I knew it would result in me having a 4-year-old-esque temper tantrum in the middle of Holt Renfrew, stomping my feet (carefully, mind you, in these babies), and crying and whining until my mother-in-law could convince my husband over the phone that these would be a sound purchase at $2,195.


Jimmy Choo's Kani heels from the back. GOOOOOORgeous.

Now, before you think I've gone all Fashion Blog on you (hahaha, okay, we all know that's just silly, you have SEEN me before, right?), please note that I WISH I would be paid to pimp this shizz out. In my DREAMS. I've been searching online trying to find a knock off pair of Kani's. No luck so far. C'mon eBay sellers, make a girl's day, wouldja?

These shoes are one of 12 pairs available in Canada. They were runway. They are at Holt Renfrew, and I would cut a bitch for these babies.

Finally, if you haven't seen the best website ever in my sidebar over there ---->, you need to go to Dog-shaming.com.

Exhibit B, a sampling:

Oh. Hai. Lovez my head wrinkles. Ok. IMAGE FROM dog-shaming.com

Yeah, that's right. Dogs looking guilty as hell, or cocky as hell, after destroying and/or eating something. It is hilarious. I check it every single day, and I always laugh. It makes our crazy dogs seem so much better behaved. (SEEM... seem).

That's it for today. If you find those shoes as a knock-off, let me know!!!


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  1. Replies
    1. @Brandon Lostinidaho - Nice. My shout out to Beeker.

  2. HAHAHA. I LOOOVE dog shaming... I just found in the other day.

    Also... I would like to hear about the rest of your trip, but you know what? You can do what you want, because it's your blog, and I haven't posted anything all month so you know I won't judge (I tried to make an illustrated post and it has ballooned out of proportion).

    1. @Leauxra - Okay, as long as someone wants to hear it. I realize the story has lapsed and I wondered if it was worth picking back up again.

      Will do.

      And you'd best be posting lots, missy-sister-from-another-mother!

  3. Those shoes would cost me a months's salary. True story.

    1. @Yandie, Goddess of Pickles. - I still couldn't buy them after a month. Not even close. Yet the store was freakin' PACKED! Shoes from $300 - $2500. Insanity. That shit gets rained on and destroyed here.

      I texted the Hubs to tell him I bought the shoes, as the salesperson sold me with the 20% back in Holt Renfrew gift cards.

      For some reason, he didn't believe me.



  4. I, *I* want to hear it. Every dog spasming, joy inducing escape from the boonies of Northern Ontario, your thoughts as you pass through the wonders of Calgary, and the sheer orgasmic excitement of seeing the Rockies the first time. To say nothing of knowing you didn't have to go to Edmonton.

    When in Rome I saw these amazing purple shoes. My buddy Susi nearly melted. I'll see if I can find that pic and put it on my blog. Maybe even tonight, while I have the wind up.

    1. @Keith - Those.Shoes.Are.Awesome.

      Okay, I promise to finish the last three days of our journey. I have to look at the photos to remember. All these medications have fried my brain.

      Susi and you have both got great taste in shoes!!

  5. The boots at Holt Renfrew just kill me. Kill. Murder. And if you are looking for a tailor shop, the little weird one right outside their store in the mall (on the right side when leaving HR) is fantabulous. I trusted them with my Life Savings Trousers and they did right by them.

    1. @pensive pumpkin - good to know. I just bought a slighty-too-large but definitely too long pair of ass-glorifying jeans. I need them taken in, but am actually scared to do it.

  6. Replies
    1. @Althea - I wonder if anyone would mind if I married them?

  7. I must be a weird girl, because those shoes do absolutely nothing for me. The price tag made the blood drain from my face . . .

    1. @J.Day - Oh, I know the price is sickening. In my next post I go off about $0.26 on juice containers. lol.

      I would never ever ever pay that much. I'd love to find a knock off pair on ebay for $40. THAT would be doable for me.

      And you can sit back, your shins, knees and calf muscles thanking you for having the common sense not to wear such beasts on your feet. (I always regret high heels the next day).


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