Monday, August 23, 2010

Finally! A New Bathtub! Yay! Er... wait....

So after two years of a dripping bath faucet, and endless guilt surrounding said wasted water and imagining how globally irresponsible that is, BF agreed to a bathroom reno.

At first, with the help of my DAD, we tried to replace the cartridge. (Now, I know you're thinking, but why do you have printer components in your bathtub?... Okay, no you're not, you're thinking, when will this be amusing?).

So, easy fix, we find a replacement cartridge and all will be well... right?

It ALLLLLL started here.. ish.

Alas, this little water-controlly-thingie in the deep depths of the wall is original to the home and can't be found in any plumbing store on earth. NO DICE, shit out of luck. Okay.. well, that means we need to replace the whole faucet and taps... which means:

1. Removing tap will require some destruction of age-old ugly ceramic tile surround (also cannot be located, must buy new, unless we want to try something ghetto-fabulous, to which BF says NO)
2. This means that ceramic tile surround will have to be replaced. (shit, that costs more, doesn't it?)
3. As much as I would like to ignore it, mould has been creeping up the caulking around the tub... is there mold behind the wall? (um, that costs even more)
4. Original steel bathtub = supercold superfast in winter at exterior wall, worn finish making it really hard to clean, ugly beige colour... = new soaker tub!! YAY!!! (wait... you pay more for ugly colours? so we have to get white? but...)
5. Toilet and sinks are beige. Dammit. You know what that means.
6. Toilet is also water-guzzling 13-litre-per-flush hog. I have a great idea!~ Let's get a super-duper-high-efficiency-less-water-toilet (oh... they cost THAT much more? Jesus this never ends...)
7. Well, if we are going to all that trouble, me and BF hate the pink counter tops, pink walls and wallpaper border.
8. BF insists on "brushed nickel finish". Multiply anything chrome by about 80.659 and increase costs accordingly.
9. Vinyl tile flooring needs to go... will look crappy (and get destroyed) during the reno. *angry grumbling*

So. If you live near me, and have a weird L-shaped bathroom that is still really small, expect contractors to charge between $9,000 and $15,000. NO EFFING WAY!!

After many a phone call, consult, estimate, and some begging and pleading, we found a family friend willing to charge us a reasonable rate.

All the accessories were picked out, the tile flooring, the toilet, matching sinks and faucets, snazzy new counter top... and most importantly, a nice new soaker tub. But you know what? Home reno stores display those bastards upright. There is no "taking it for a spin" ... no test drive allowed. I even ASKED at RONA. They laughed and said no way, they are affixed to the wall. Uhhhh, okay, this should be cool, same size as the other tub right?

So we are neck deep in the renos, and tired of showering at work in shoes at weird hours so no one sees me there... I take a bath in the tub. And I don't FIT in it. That "ergonomic" angled back rest just effed me over my friends. and the deeper tile ledge. WTF?!

I am not that big... and I am not crazy tall. But my lanky legs will not submerge at the same time as my head. Upon attempt of shampoo removal, I had to force my knees into the tub end in order to submerge my head below water. SERIOUSLY?? Really? Seriously? Soaker tub my ass.

Goddamn leaking tap.

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