Monday, August 30, 2010

The Importance of Followers & Comments

I read on another blog how important it is for there to be commenting and active dialogue between the blogger and the readers, so that it isn't so much one-sided storytelling.

I hope that those of you who come across my blog will be kind enough to "follow" me (to the right)

*shameless self promotion*

so that I feel that more than just BF and my friend J. are watching and reading me out there in the scary, vast, lonely interwebs.

I welcome any and all comments (including but not limited to - "you're effing nuts", "where can I purchase my own banana guns?", any and all theories on dogs and their fascination with the taste sensation known as poop [technically called "Coprophagia"], why I am so wrong about Michael B., requests for all of my personal banking information an pin numbers as well as helping princesses and diplomats from abroad via email who only need a few thousand dollars up front to make me rich).

EDIT: I didn't realize that you previously had to be 'registered' to comment. I have fixed it so that any shy folk out there can feel free to comment anonymously. Just don't be mean please.

While I am CLEARLY new to the blogosphere (that sounds really web-geeky but I still won't backspace and delete it... because I am bada-.... lazy), any and all support you guys can provide is appreciated.

I would also like to stress the importance of not drinking caffeinated beverages right before bed time, especially if you are on a strict, caffeine-free diet. Because that will almost CERTAINLY result in insomnia, somewhat-desperate sounding appeals for blog followers, and potentially beating your highest score ever on Word Bubbles after many many many many attempts! (Which sounds kind of fun, but really isn't right now).

It's hard to be taken seriously on this blog with my stunning good looks....
Okay, time to try to pretend to sleep. Work is going to be painful tomorrow.... Pin It Now!


  1. My mother says she always knows when I've had caffeine because I talk at the rate of a thousand miles per minute and I look like I've been awake for six days. She is right on both counts.

    Also, I think dogs eat their own poop because of unprocessed nutrients they smell. At least I hope it something scientific like that and not that they like the taste.

  2. *Elizabeth - thanks for stopping by and commenting on THREE posts right away. I think I love ya!

    I truly, truly hope you are right on the scientific nutrients thing, because he won't eat my rice cakes or hummus.... but will devour his own feces.

    I'm THAT BAD OF A COOK. lol. And lay off the caffeine, for your own safety, eh? ;-)


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