Monday, August 23, 2010

So Many Ideas To Post...

So I have been paralyzed by the possibilities of what I can write about on this blog (the address of which I have yet to share with family and friends).

Can I talk about THAT thing that pissed me off the other day? If I provided my stream-of-consciousness thinking on that subject, would it only confirm to my nearest and dearest that I am, in fact, undoubtedly, insane? (Well, probably, but perhaps that wouldn't be new anyway)?

I am thinking about my daily experiences wondering if it could potentially make an amusing blog post... then I realize that it probably only seems funny inside my head. Ah well.... the whole point of this thing is to be an outlet for me, to blab on about meaningless things and all that jazz.

First order of business? Shit, I don't know. I TOLD you already, I'm paralyzed by ALL the possibilities.
From here on out I am going to have to force myself to post about whatever pops into my head, good or not, because otherwise I will never get started on this thing.

Maybe my next post should be entitled "procrastination - a how to guide by a seasoned expert"... or something like that. Or you could just read Allie's awesome post about it here. And yes, you're welcome. Pin It Now!


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