Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Google LatLong: It’s Groundhog Day!

Google LatLong: It’s Groundhog Day!

Two words:

Gobbler's Knob.

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  1. I grew up like 2 hours from there. I have always wanted to go there on Groundhog day. Just to drink and have fun.

  2. Thank Gawd, I was getting really bummed with the snow over here... The little rodent had better deliver, too.

  3. I dont know why that sounds so perverted to me, lol. I live in pittsburgh and ahve yet to go get my groundhog day on. I guess that bill murrary scared me off.

  4. I've always been amused by this little prick. He pops out each year, and if he sees his shadow, that means we have to wait through six more weeks of winter.

    Well here in Minnesota - if someone tells me today that winter will end in six weeks I'm pretty damn happy.


  5. I just want winter to be over.

  6. @Oilfield Trash - You should totally do it! Drink with Willy!

    @Chris - I'm all about animal rights, but if that rodent doesn't follow through, I'm setting a bear trap on him for next year.

    Okay, no I'm not, I'd go there and snuggle him to pieces. I digress.

    @The Phoenix Rising - The ONLY REASON I POSTED IT WAS BECAUSE IT WAS RUDE SOUNDING. Seriously, It's a dyslexic away from knob gobbler. And it's Phil now, but didn't there used to be a groundhog named Willy?

    Willy in Knob Gobbler. Probably not, but that sounds even dirtier. Ha!

  7. @The Simple Dude - I'd be happier if they said two weeks. Or two days. I hate shovelling. And I've been doing a hell of a lot of it lately.

    @V-Tom - AMEN to that, brother. Amen.

  8. i athought it was Punxsutawney, PA?

    i don't know...but tucker saw his shadow when we were out shoveling.


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  9. Hey! further to your below rant about being snubbed... maybe you should have emailed the blogger (i.e. me) and then you would have found out that your comment was accidentally removed. If you have emailed me, you would have found out that I had put a comment on there to you about the fact that nobody was checking out the party post anymore so that most likely no one would see your blog there but that i was going to start doing something called "he said she said" and see if you wanted to particpate in that! but i wrote it wrongly so i went to delete it and rewrite my comment and deleted yours by mistake... Couldn't recall the name of your bloody blog so i couldn't tell you, but lucky for me several of your followers are mine and one emailed me to tell me you were ranting about me... You know this is so the problem... I do something nice like this so people can meet each other and then it gets ruined by someone who didn't consider that there might be another explanation.

  10. @bruce - Bruce, that DOES sound familiar, but Google Earth tweeted this today, leading me to post it here. It was too good not to. Also? lol @ Tucker!

  11. Are you girls going to fight? If not, could you please kiss and make up?

  12. googglerearther izzz on crax rox...

    and i haz beenz drinkin!

    BTW where are those puppy pics?

    i think i took 500 pics of tuck-tuck as tiny puppy, but most of them didn't turn dog + low light+ idiot photographer= crappy pics!

    LOL @ tom v...

  13. @Average Girl - First off, please know that I am not looking to cause friction here.

    Let me explain my thinking process (sometimes I think, it's rare, but I go with it when it happens. ;-):

    I did check your post itself to see if there was an edit, or a reason, as to why my comment was deleted. I saw nothing on your blog post indicating so.

    I refreshed the page a few times and saw that newer comments had remained. Again, I didn't understand.

    I did seek out an email address. I checked out your "about me" and where it says your name, and I couldn't find a link. When I clicked on "full profile", I got a Blogger error message. I didn't know how to email you. I checked your newer posts and saw nothing regarding any accidental comment deletion.

    Would you not feel similarly if you were in my shoes?

    I assumed that if you wished to delete my first comment, that leaving a second comment to ask why would be fruitless, and would involve your readers (which I didn't want to do).

    From that, I could only assume you had deleted my comment for reasons unknown to me, which frustrated me.

    My exact wording was "I got my first snub today by someone who was encouraging Bloggers to post about their own site, provide links and check other people out."

    In our world, that is a fairly generic comment...

    An astute shared reader obviously assumed I meant your blog, as I only privately emailed one person about it.

    I did not make mention of your blog name, the "party" theme, or your name at all in my post.

    I don't see how my post "ruined" your post. It was tremendously successful and I was not a part of it. It was never named here. You were never named. Your commenters would have no idea, as my comment is not on your blog.

    I did not name you on my blog (you named yourself in your comment above). So prior to this post, the blogger I was referring to was unnamed.

    It could have remained anonymous, if you had chosen to email me.

    That being said, if it was a genuine error, then I apologize. I understand the importance of commenters and support by other bloggers. But not knowing of your accidental deletion left me only to believe you deleted my comment without reason.

    So... can we move past this and be cool? Mistakes happen.

  14. @V-Tom - Smartass! I hope things can be cool.

    @bruce - Crack is bad. Google Earth is smarter than crack.

    (my voice is really annoying, but the video is cute on "MUTE")

    I'll email you a link to a photo album, if I can figure it out and Blogger doesn't give me another goddamn error message. It's been really unreliable lately, which has clearly been a bad thing.

  15. That's fine... we totally can get past it for sure (besides, us Canadian girls should stick together)... but please don't jump to conclusions next time. Your rant burned me because I never make it a policy to rant about anyone, i just don't dig that, and if you actually knew me, you would know that i am one of the most generous bloggers out there for pimping blogs and giving people as much exposure as possible and asking for nothing in return ever. And while your comment makes sense, it should also make sense to you that something must have gone wrong as there would have been no reason for me to just delete you and leave everyone else's comment considering there was a blurb on the blog that you didn't have to follow me to join in. So with that said, I suppose we have both said our peace and it is time to move on... so i will...

  16. As will I.

    Original post has been edited, too.

    Glad it got sorted out. :-)

  17. so um SPRING everyone! let's think spring! winter is motherfucking bullshit.

  18. I thought groundhog day was a movie. You mean there atually is a groundhog? Cool.

    Still summer here until the end of the month

  19. gobblers knob

    A dance where the male gonads and member (i.e meat and two veg) are externally displayed through hole in underwear while being shaken vigorously from side to side. Look everyone! He’s doing the gobblers knob.

    I think my google engine has proved itself to be sicker than your google engine....

  20. @pattypunker - lol, and yes indeed, enough with the GODDAMNED snow!

    @Mynx - I've been missing you! Yeah, apparently the little rodent isn't very accurate, but we like to stick to useless tradition. Heh.

    @BlackLOG - Hi there, have you commented before, because you smell fresh to me? I like the way YOUR Google engine thinks. Way better for sure.

  21. I did have a shower a couple of weeks ago, so I guess I'm still good for the moment....

    I'm not sure having a google engine that thinks better than me is such a good thing...

  22. @BlackLOG - Always be weary of technology. That shit is mysterious, untrustworthy, and powered by geniuses.

    What's this "showering" thing you speak of?


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