Saturday, September 10, 2011

Carry-on Luggage BLOWS MY MIND.

I was a cheap bastard one time when I was flying with Delta. Okay, the only time I ever flew with Delta.

Why? Because those buggers charge $25 USD for every checked bag.

And a worrier like me ALWAYS overpacks, thereby immediately costing herself $50 USD for a round trip.

And also ALWAYS visits a Marshalls or T.J. Maxx, thereby requiring even MORE luggage space that doesn't exist.

Well, with some finagling I was able to switch my luggage with Feyoncé™'s. No, I didn't pack his bag without knowing, (I hear those terrifying airport security warnings, c'mon people, some credit here!) we just switched, and he had to carry back a bunch of my crap with his. (Okay, so maybe that meant I did pack part of his bag. Shhhhh). In my BIG suitcase. On Air Canada, before those buggers started charging for checked bags. *cough* Bastards! *cough*.

I would just like to say that standard-size carry-on luggage with that little expandable zipper BLEW MY MIND.

This is all the shizz I fit into it. Into the CARRY-ON only:

That's right - 5 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of workout bottoms, 6 bras, 2 workout bras, 8 shirts, 3 dresses, 3 sweaters, 2 pairs of heels, 1 pair of casual shoes and a bunch of toiletry-crap.

I still can't believe it.

That shit is MAGICAL.

Yeah, shitty blog post, but so what?? I'm putting off doing important things.


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  1. Call me next time you travel, I'll help you pack. I got four kids and my stuff into one carry-on because I was not paying Delta that $25! Ok, so maybe I had to buy a new straightning iron because mine got crushed in the suitcase, but I needed one anyway. And great procrastination post by the way. I admire a girl who knows how to put things off and get her stats up!

  2. Damn. That was one magical carry-on.

  3. I agree with J.Day. Amazing job with the packing!

  4. Is this some magical bag of holding? How did you DO that?

  5. Call me perverted but I can't stop looking at those bras....
    Anyway besides my perverted ways, why not wear everything, thus eliminating the need to carry stuff on?
    Oh wait you prolly would attract the suspicions of some folk getting onto a plane wearing all those trousers, bras and shoes....maybe just forget what I said...

  6. If Dan thinks that he is perverted for looking at your bras, I must be a big perv for wondering if you were pantyless on this trip.

  7. You are my hero. I HATE paying for additional bags.

    I stopped by to tell you that this week's theme on our fun Cheesy Bloggers site (.blogspot) is "Open Letters". I remember that a while ago you posted an letter to Walmart that I LOVED. If you're up for it, email the link to and we'll feature it this week! xo

  8. @Sandra - My stats up? Ruh?

    @J.Day - I know, right? It's Air Canada branded... and despite the dog urine forever in the lid, and the frayed edges, and the fact it always tips forward... it's awesome!

    @The Empress - Feyoncé™ has taught me the fine art of ROLLING clothes while packing. Actually makes a HUGE difference!

    @Leauxra - It was totally black voodoo magic. Or something.

  9. @Dan - Perverted!

    @George - Big perv!


    @Marianna Annadanna - Submitted. And I hate extra bag fees... it really increases the fare price. I hate hidden fees!

  10. Ok, that's just plain awesome. Don't forget to mention the mini-black hole you had in there, to make all of this fit.

    I bet it was a wrinkled mess when you pull all this shit out. But hey, that's what the ironing boards in the hotel room are for!

  11. Holy crap Stephanie that is a ton of stuff for a carry on! That deserves quite a few rounds of golf claps my dear and perhaps also a swift kick to the teeth of a raptor...

  12. - You must be thinking about my stomach & chocolate covered strawberries. Also? I don't iron. Rolling really helps a ton!

    Paula - I am humbled by your golf claps. *wipes tear away from eye.


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