Friday, December 9, 2011

Embarrassing Admission - Dec. 12, 2011

I have a complete and utter irrational fear of running out of tomatoes at our house.

We use them on pizza, in sandwiches, and I sometimes cook them in my eggs.
I'm not some Italian chef who requires them to sustain my livelihood.

But as soon as we get down to, like, only TWO tomatoes, I start to panic that I WILL NOT HAVE A TOMATO IN MY TIME OF TOMATO NEED. Whenever that will be.

Oh - we also live about 5 minutes away from two different grocery stores.

The New Husband (AKA the Former Feyoncé™) reminds me that I can... uh... you know, go to the store and buy more at any time. And I know it.

So there you go.

Reason #2,489 why I am a f_cking nutjob: my irrational fear of being tomatoeless at home. (No, not toeless. Totally different fear).

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  1. Hey, man. Tomatoes are serious business.

  2. worry ye not, you are not alone! i have an irrational fear of running out of alcohol at our house. we use it on pizza, in sandwiches, and i ALWAYS cook it in our eggs.

    reason #1 why I am a fucking nutjob...;)

  3. If I had that fear, we would have had tomatoes when I needed them tonight

  4. I canned 47 quarts of tomatoes one year. Didn't last 6 months. You can never have enough so your fear has been rationilized. On a side note I have 4 bottles of mustard!

  5. You are talking to a woman who has 2 pantries, 2 refridgerators and another freezer. You are talking to a woman who buys toilet paper in a 60-pack and has one open and one on standby at any given time. How many people live in my house? Three!

    So - in my world you are as normal as they come.

  6. i buy canned tomatoes. but i have found myself using them A LOT more often than i used to. i have an irrational fear of running out of pasta. if i have less than 6 pounds in the house, i get antsy.

    three of us live here, only two of whom i cook for on a regular basis (me and awesome husband).

    i once had to THROW AWAY pounds and pounds of pasta because i had so much backstock, the older boxes got those little black pasta buggies. my fault for not using the older stuff first - but i liked the shapes of the newer pasta better :/

  7. I don't like tomatoes so I don't have this irrational fear of which you speak. I wouldn't start panicking until you get to the store in your time of tomato need and the store is out of them. THEN it's okay to panic. :o) Sorry I probably just added to your irrational fear.

  8. Hahaha. I have an irrational fear of being chocolateless and wineless. Actually, it's not that irrational. I eat a lot of chocolate. And drink a LOT of wine.

  9. Personally, I think it's abnormal to NOT worry about being tomatoless.

    You're perfectly normal in my book.

    Tomatoes ROCK!!!!

  10. well there you have it..we all have irrational fears of something...mine is of running out of:
    1. toilet paper...there must be at least 3 rolls left
    2. a day but if i dont get that im like an elephant on meth...well without meth
    3. matching socks....i see a stray one and the excrement hits the air-con...they MUST match
    4. cow juice...i cannot 'wait until the morning and walk the 200 paces to the shop to buy some'...and yes
    5. tinned tomatoes...i have to have at least two tins otherwise i get a bit funny. funny peculiar not funny haha...
    do you have space to grow tomatoes? could be a solution...even though it aint the season in your neck o the woods...just a thought...;)

  11. Hi, just got here from Leauxra's blog. Tomatoes, eh? (pronounced correctly.) It could be worse, much worse. Gia nailed my fears. Maybe I'll have to go visit that blog now...

  12. Dan beat me to the punch here, so I will just redundantly share my shortage fears to alleviate your feeling of 'crazy' ;)

    1) milk - I need it for my
    2) coffee - it's a huge deal in my family, and so much spiritually more than a liquid chemical to get you going in the morning...
    3) bread - also inherited from my family. I should probably revise that one since I don't eat that much bread at all.
    4) potatoes - not many people I know like potatoes at all, but my motto is, as long as you have potatoes in the house, you will not go hungry. I can make them in any way imaginable, I only need to learn how to make my own vodka. Oh wait, I gave up vodka last (American) Thanksgiving. Ah well...


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