Monday, December 19, 2011

When did hot Gavin Rossdale turn into Coach from Survivor?!?!

In light of a recent BUSH music video, I was both stunned and horrified to learn that my original first boyfriend (and likely first Husband, if Gwen Stefani hadn't gotten in the way) Gavin Rossdale has somehow morphed into a replica Coach from the reality television show "Survivor".

WTF? Seriously?


This is what he used to look like, back in his hotness heyday (I don't want to do the math, because that will likely explain this entire situation):

Hot face, sexy biceps, angsty rocker, hot time-appropriate necklace.

And now, Coach's long lost, rich brother.

Gavin is on the left. Coach is on the right. The fact I have to clarify that is horrifying.


I'm pretty sure that the Sound of Winter is actually the sound of my sobbing.

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  1. The setting also looks like Coldplay's Yellow video.

    Both of these developments make me sad in the pants. Back in the day you would have had to fight me for Gavin Rossdale. I had a cover from Details magazine that featured him and my adolescent heroine, Shirley Manson. It was possibly the most epic thing ever.

  2. @Yandie, Goddess of Pickles. - You mean she of GARBAGE!??! I loved them at the time as well. Then I went through that awkward "I Like Nickelback" phase and they said they hated her, which quashed some of my admiration for her.


    And you are spot on about the same setting as Yellow. I couldn't place what seemed familiar.

    So sad. So so sad.

  3. :-) The disillusionment hurts. I can think of a number of former crushes that have aged poorly...

    Not me, of course. I still look great.



  4. Oh, the horror! Much like the time when I was about 13 and obsessed with MacGuyver reruns and my mom mentioned that the actor was roughly the same age as my dad.

    Ew. Ew a lot.

  5. Siiigh he was a sexy, sexy man.

  6. @Pearl - You and me both, sista! I assume it is only super-rich ex-crushes that age poorly.

    @Leauxra - I second your Ew. But at least they weren't like "oh, and he's your dad's brother, too. Uncle MacGuyver." right?

    @Gia - I know, and that ACCENT!!!

  7. See what I'm missing by not watching network tv? I know I'm much happier for it. I once saw an episode of MacGuyver and couldn't get over why he looked so familiar, yet so hairy. Then the Stargate episodes kicked in.

  8. first, omg i'm sad about that. maybe they're just bad pictures?

    as stated by others in this comment section, i too love shirley manson. her and gavin did a rolling stone cover together that almost made me cry. she was my first celebrity girl crush. along with gwen stefani. which made the gwen-gavin wedding one of the saddest days of my imaginary life.

  9. But. Wait. NICKELBACK? (Sorry. That just jumped out at me.)

    I loved Gavin too. And now he's a dragon-slayer? Too sad.

  10. I also used to love Eddie Furlong when he was a kid. Have you seen him lately?

  11. Eeep.. I had many an Eddie Furlong poster.

    And there still lives inside me a 14-year-old girl who will forever be in love with Eddie Vedder.

    But yeah, crushes aging badly? I hear that (and I'm looking at you, Dave Foley).

  12. it is a sad sad day in my life now that I have accepted this realization. Gavin is dead to me.

  13. Coach is creepy for sure, but he's actually good-looking imho.

  14. ewww...creepy...sorry but slicked back ponytails give me the boo boo jeebees...
    i dont even wanna begin to tell you what happened to the love of my life back in the 90's....lets say she turned and is now very very a gross way..
    what im trying to say with ya girl....
    happy festivus!!

  15. Good God. I hope this doesn't mean the Man-Pony Tail is coming back into style. (shudder)

    That is a fashion trend that needs to be buried with the 80's Rat Tail, and 70's Porn-Stache, in the trash heap of hairy fashion disasters.

  16. Ha. I had a crush on Gavin Rossdale AND Eddie Furlong too. I saw Eddie a few months back at Jerry's Famous Deli and he looked like Fat Bastard. Bless.


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