Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I had Mike Weir for Valentine's Day

Yup, that's right.

I got to TASTE HIM. He was surprisingly dry. But I drank him all in.

Oh, you guys are disgusting. I meant his sparkling wine,  jizz  jeez.

He fizzed all in my mouth. Also? The dim lighting made me look better to the New Husband. Probably.

When we saw the sign for this Italian restaurant (highly recommended by a fellow in the Williams Sonoma store), we expected shag carpeting and beads onto the doors in the washroom.

Surprisingly swanky. You didn't make the table cut if you were forced to sit at the bar or pizza bar. Just FYI.

It was surprisingly elegant, and we managed to score a table at 6pm on a Friday night with no reservations.

We must have looked mistakenly classy.

Also, holyshitandallthingsnotaffordable, have you people ever been in Williams Sonoma? The New Husband spent $36 on a whisk. A WHISK!

We spent $20 on PEPPERCORNS, people.

PK, you have got some mighty classy taste. I felt so out of place in that store.

So here's to tasting Canadian golfers like Mike Weir, while your husband watches, on Valentine's Day!!

*clinks glass in right hand to glass in left hand*

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  1. Not only tasting him but DOUBLE FISTING him? Bravo...

    1. - It was pleasantly kinky until the broken glass got factored in...

  2. My son-in-law loves Mike Weir. I only know him because I think he is the only Canadian to win that green coat. $36 for a whisk? I think I got mine at the Dollar Store. But then I rarely whisk anything.

    1. @Belle - I know, the green coat was his high point at the Masters, then seemingly downhill from there.
      And trust me. Our previous whisk WAS from the Dollarama!! And we never use whisks for anything.

  3. I'm all about doubling up! Go you!

    As for WS... I've never even been in one because I won't pay $36 for a whisk. A knife... yes.

    1. @Michael - That sounds kind of scary... lol. We had a generous gift card as a wedding present, and had to find relevant things in the store. The average person could easily spend $8,000 in there and still not have a fully stocked kitchen.



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