Monday, February 27, 2012

I Will Finish The SNAFU Honeymoon Story...

I think a part of me just doesn't want to concede that by telling the last of the story, the entire wedding/honeymoon process is officially over and I have to go back to real life.

For those not in the know or in the loop, please find the previous (horrific by my oh-so-pathetic,  middle-class standards) here:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

The final installment will be here shortly. I promise. I'll even provide real photos of the Maldives. You know, pre-uprising and presidential dethroning.

The New Husband, dining on a chocolate bar as we waited during the final hours at Heathrow Airport. ROMANTIC!

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  1. I am not surprised by your experience with air Canada. There are no circumstances where I would fly them. None. I can't wait to hear how it turns out. Consider there is likely to be nothing in your married life that will top this for stress.

    1. @Keith - You've got that right about the stress. The fact we got through it without fighting (just some crankiness on my part) really says a lot. And the Air Canada was to get more status miles, but it wasn't worth it. AT ALL!

  2. Anxiously waiting! And don't worry about real life. You can check out whenever. Spas days, bubble baths, cupcake overload...

    1. @Michael - I promise by Sunday I will hash it out on the blog. And if you've seen my posts, you know that me + spa day = disaster, so really, I'm clinging to this like that kitten on a rope poster from the early 90s. lol.

      p.s. You inspired my next post.

  3. Oh good, I was worried I had missed it already.


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