Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trifecta - Enigma


As the sun rises, the question is ever-placed but never-answered.

Will the strength come today to propel her feet out of bed and stop the tears long enough to function? Will there be a smile upon her face, will a joke or two be uttered throughout her waking hours, or will she feel trapped in her world, turning her back on self-care and self-love? Will the house be a scattered, cluttered mess when he comes home, or will the shutters be open and the carpets cleaned?
He never knows what to expect. She never knows what will change her mood, her mind, her ways. Ever an enigma, to him, but even moreso to her. Unpredictable, desperate, content, striving, failing. 

As the sun sets, and her head hits the pillow, she hopes the strength will be within reach tomorrow.

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