Saturday, May 12, 2012

You know your day is going to suck when...

You place your ground coffee filters, with eyes half-opened, into the coffee maker... only to realize a few minutes into "brewing" that you forgot the coffee filter.


Hey, when the stores are closed and I need caffeine, a used filter is better than no filter at all. Which I just learned today, unfortunately.

Do you know how hard it is to clean out that thing? I'm still tasting grounds.

Okay, Happy Saturday. Go plant a tree.

Or tip a stripper. Your call.

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  1. Did you close the comments on your Trifecta entry? Because my computer is a whiny bitch and won't let me do certain things, and I'm wondering if that was one of them.
    Regardless, I'll just comment on this one, ;) I LOVED your entry, it was really awesome.

  2. eeek! I heard you can use a paper towel..

  3. Yeah,...what Gia said. The day will come where I post about pouring milk into the Bunn coffee maker instead of water. Believe me,...I've come very close to doing just that. It's only a matter of time.

  4. I knew there was a reason I don't drink coffee. I'm the idiot that would do that shit on a regular basis.

  5. plant a tree or tip a stripper. love.

  6. Uuugh that must be so horrible! :( x

  7. I've brewed coffee without water, and without grounds, and with old grounds. Never intentionally, just the result of being very slow to wake up.

    Also, since I tend to forget some items on a regular basis, I am a master at folding a paper towel just right so there are no grounds in the coffee.

  8. So I'm not a coffee drinker. And this post makes me appreciate that all the more! Ha!

  9. And this is why I don't drink coffee. That and it tastes like crap. Mainly the latter. But this is good too.
    And love the plant a tree, tip a stripper line. Classic.


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