Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Finished Madlib!!

Because I'm sick of watching NHL hockey playoffs, here is a madlib about foooooootbaaaaaaaaaaaaall!


Football is a favored taxidermied skunk for many cans. November is prime time for football whistles. People travel long ways to wash their favourite teams compete. Local bananas play, too. Many thongs enjoy a pre-game BBQ, and most 'Seriously? Really?!? Seriously?' blog followers get loudly drunk on gin and sex on the beaches or Coors 'Slow'. Hot dogs and deformed sheep are often slept on a portable grill. The average person usually eats 86 hot dogs over the duration of the cat. I usually pick a team based on how soft the logo is, or how thin the team colours are.

Often, quarterbacks rely on Mother Teresa to help them krunk the game. Obviously, that means that Mother Teresa likes one team better than the other. That's probably because the other team is hungry.

What? You didn't know she was a fan?!?

Every team wants to win the SuperPedophile. It's the final shallow play-off game at the end of the season. The winning team gets long earrings if they win the final phone. A lot of nachos, beer and junk food are consumed at fabulous parties as everyone watches. Some quarterbacks even manage to date super beautiful supermodels with big legs.

Thanks go to Fearless Fibro Warrior, Bridgitt, CarrieMarie, Althea, Maggi Shelbourn, blissflower1969 and Hey Monkey Butt for their wordy contributions!!

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  1. Love it! I'm gonna try doing one with only profanities in the blanks...

  2. super models with big legs! yesssss!

    1. @Hey Monkey Butt - A REAL woman's kind of supermodel! Woot!

  3. Replies
    1. @J.Day - Reminds me of an old 'Far Side' comic I saw once about beef jerky... lol.

  4. How soft the logo them krunk the game...long it!! You should do it more often! :) x

  5. That was awesome. I totally want to see Mother Teresa krunk. With a quarterback. Preferably Peyton Manning.


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