Thursday, November 3, 2011

Throw Cushions... What The Hell?

If you have:

A) Kids
B) Pets
C) A Lazy Streak
D) Inability to redo the same futile thing over and over and over

Then please meet  my  your nemesis.

Throw cushions.

Dear readers, you know what I am talking about. Those decorative little square pillow things that only EVER get placed on your sometimes-made-bed when you think there is a chance your house will be toured, or some Nosy Nelly might open your bathroom en-suite door and get a full view of your bedroom.

You know, the sometimes bedazzled, sometimes fuzzy, sometimes glitter/sequin covered pillows that just SCREAM "chew the shit outta me!" to your dogs/cats/mousal uprising (for you, gotjack28!).

Because every home needs more shit like this.

I hate those things. They can't be washed. They get in the way when you want to snuggle with your significant other. (Unless your significant other happens to BE said pillow, in which case, that null and voids the last comment).

They are so... I don't know... grown up? And you have to have a certain level of sophistication to match them to your stuff.

My house is pretty much a mish mash of college-dorm-meets-furnish-the-house-quickly-and-nicely. The nicely part was contributed to by The New Husband. The rest of the shit is just mine.

But I have no time for cushions. I need to blog. And dilly dally.

Dilly dallying = no time for throw cushions.

Our new bed-in-a-bag set came with throw cushions. They've been placed on the bed twice, methinks.

It's true.

Throw cushions are for suckers!

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  1. I have nothing to add. You said it perfectly. So I'll just give you an agreeable comment.


  2. One could always go "along came polly" on those pillows. Cheaper than therapy. ;)

  3. but i love my throw cushion they cuddle better then hubby who complais it's to hot to snuggle

  4. LOL okay, i count 7 pillows on that bed, and i actually sleep w/ 7 pillows. but i have a day bed & the pillows help me not to get stuck in the slats while i sleep. *laugh* plus only one is technically a "throw" pillow. but my cat thinks the fringe on it is neat. ; )

  5. The photo and caption made me laugh so hard. No, nobody needs that many pillows.

  6. Err...throw and cushion...i put the two words together years ago and left them on the footpath....fugg the captioning!

  7. I remember looking through houses when we were looking to buy and giggling and the huge number of fancy cushions and pillows some people would have. These same people also had a huge number of collectable teddy bears and general dust collecting Knick knacks. There is no way I could even keep a couple of pillows straight, much less 20

  8. Oh how I heart you! I saw the word mousal and thought, 'yes! it's spreading!' Throw pillows just remind me about the scene in ALong Came Polly. Seen it? No? YouTube search. It's so accurate. I have to admit though, I do have 2 for the bed and I'd say that 6/7 days... they're... On. The. Floor.

    Also? The fact that there is a website dedicated to pillows is a tad disturbing. Of course, I'm on my way there now.

  9. It is overwhelmingly wonderful to hear a chick say this! Tell you're husband that he is indeed lucky!


  10. I have one throw pillow for my bed. I made it in grade 9 Family Studies class. It's ugly as sin, and only really makes it onto my bed when I decide to clean the crevice between my bed and the wall.

  11. - Agreeable comment appreciated. Word.

    @J.Day - THAT was the movie!! The only problem is that then my lazy ass would have to clean that up, lest Ella choke on feathers and fill.

    @becca - VERY VALID POINT! The new Husband DOES always complain he's too hot. Damn. Perhaps I should be looking into a body pillow...

    @carmar76 - You go and prove me wrong, dammit. Oh well... just so you know, Ella would eat that fringe in a heartbeat. ;)

    @Belle - Thank you. I SO needed to hear that. :)

  12. @Dan - Wise man. hehe.

    @Mynx - I know. I think we are wise beyond our years for just NOT starting

    @gotjack28 - Ruh Roh... I hope you didn't buy any mouse-shaped pillows...

    @WilyGuy - Why thanks! Happy to have you here and commenting! The new Husband won't care either way. lol.

    @Yandie, Goddess of Pickles. - I had a red lunch bag with mice on it. Somehow my mom gave it to my sister, who used it as a garbage bag in her mini van. I died a little inside. So you are much better off!


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