Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Just Ironically Ripped Off Content Unrelated



I just ironically ripped off Jeff at Content Unrelated with COMPLETELY RELATED (read: near identical, odd) CONTENT.

Back Story:
I have been less active because my computer crashed on me after some updates, and I have been maniacally trying to save my data from the dead computer.

I`ve been using the New Husband`s Molasses 1.0 speed computer to keep getting my hits of internet (so as not to go into complete shock from withdrawal).

Anyway, I found that stupid picture below of my melted chocolate bar (from JUNE) when I was recovering data, and forgot about how much I wanted to bitch about it... so I did.

I went over to Content Unrelated tonight to read his most recent post about contaminated lolly pops. Then read his older post below... about chocolate... with bubbles... and what a rip off it is (or brilliant marketing??).

Seriously? I mean who thinks of that at the same fucking time and blogs about it?
Really? And then I write a post?

How often does that happen?
If I were Jeff, I would think I was a lying bitch (with a much less witty post). Damn you once again, Aero bar.

I did this once before with Inspiration strikes. In the Kneecaps... a related post only discovered after I had posted my own. It may have been Tragically Hip related, I can`t remember. (Oh don`t judge... I also can`t remember my sister`s birthday or my middle name).

What a douche.

Me, I mean.

Who does that? Seriously?

Also? My stupid apostrophies are not working correctly, and I have to copy and paste my question marks. I also think I pluralized that incorrectly. I think I should just give this shit up all together.

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  1. I thought they were different enough that when I saw it I didn't think "wow.. what a rip off artist!" I sincerely thought "How odd that they would have greivances with chocolate at the same time... and yes, chocolate with bubbles is bullshit, indeed."

  2. And thanks for the shout-out.. totally makes up for this incident that happened that I can't for the life of me remember.

  3. im soooogonna rip this post off....i mean...i didnt say you probably better not look at what i wrote....just flush it from your mind heehee

  4. I am just as confused as you guys.

    I don`t know what`s wrong with me. I hope my new computer and having a functioning camera again will allow me to blog better.

    Meh. Probably not.

  5. The last little paragrapgh about apostrophies and question marks had me dying. Copy and pasting questions marks??? Too funny!

  6. Sorry about your computer! Hurry back!

  7. going to write about about writing a post about ripping off stephanie c. brb.

  8. Hahaha don't be so hard on yourself. There are like 64 billion blogs out there. Some of us are bound to talk about the same things :)

  9. And I just blogged about being an accidental copycat just two days ago. Someone commented on my post about "the universal mind". I'm going with that.


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