Monday, May 2, 2011

I Dropped The Goddamned Ball Once More...

So... for some time I have been pondering actually purchasing a nice little dot com domain to go along with this ridiculous blogging habit of mine.

Feyoncé™ was always like "WHY?" when I said I should pay money and register this Seriously Really witty shizznat*.

Well folks, I took a little lookie-loo, and someone else registered this shizznit* in February. I dropped the ball and I am not amused. Another Canadian, no less, too.

And I know there is a multitude of fonts and that I didn't invent the goddamn ellipses... but STILL... seeing someone else's blog with the title "Seriously... Really?" in Arial italics in the header doesn't make me happy in the pants, as Aunt Becky would say.

So, sucks to be me. It's not like anyone clicks on my ads. Or like I'll be famous. Or like this is my livelihood or anything. But it would have been neat to have a dedicated URL. I realize it's my own damn fault, and it doesn't really matter. A blog is a blog is a blog, and I never registered.

I also just want to be whiny. So there's that, too.

Oh well, early bird gets the worm. (However, as noted by a friend, S, the second mouse gets the cheese. So now I want cheese).

~~leaves laptop and forages fridge for cheese... "mmmmmmm"~~

*I am not a "homey", nor socially knowledgeable, nor a Snoop Dogg fan, therefore I know not the difference between shizznit and shizznat. Deal with it. Word.
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  1. Booo, that sucks. Did you check different variations on the seriously really theme? Or this this person buy them all up?

  2. I'm sorry that you're such a slacker that you missed your naming window? :) Maybe this just means you're subconsciously thinking of a superior name? Enough of the optimism...
    Every time you say Feyoncé, I picture the SNL dudes dancing to "Single Ladies".

  3. domain names are overrated...

    but it still kinda sucks that you did not get rewarded by having a cool domain...

    does not matter, your blog still rocks!

  4. I agree with Bruce.

    And yay for the comfort food.

  5. @Yandie, Goddess of Pickles. - No, all the other variations were there, I just figured if I WAS going to pay, that dot com was the way to go.

    @D'Artagnan - I know, I'm a slacker with no valid reason to whine. And I think of that skit, too. JT looked pretty good in pantyhose.

    @Bruce - Thanks... you always say something that makes me feel better.

    @Oilfield Trash - Your comfort food comment caught me off guard and made me laugh out loud. Thanks!

  6. I believe Snoop Dogg published a book explaining the meanings of shizznit and shizznat. I thought of buying it myself and becoming bi-lingual.

  7. Well that bites! Its almost in high school when girls wonder, what if? What if I had done my hair just right and Tommy asked me to the dance. Now you will never know what potential your blog could have had. *teasing*
    Keep checking back for it, chances are the person might not re-register it again. Then it would be yours!!
    You popped up on my Blog Treader

  8. I know how you feel. I just changed my name because there was a ton of others with the same name

  9. just to make your day!

    tuckmonster says!

    youz beenz awarded....
    come and get it

  10. @Brandy Rose - Fo' rizzle?!?

    @Bernie - Thanks for stopping by!! I know, now I will FOREVER wonder. Thanks. ;-)

    @Bushman - I really like your new name. It intrigued me enough to click through... well done!

    @Bruce - THANK YOU, YOU TWO!!

  11. Well that certainly sucks big hairy sweaty donkey balls! Something tells me though that you will find a creative way around this little challenge. In the meantime, enjoy the comfort food & congrats on the award Bruce bestowed upon you!

  12. Bummer. Maybe you could do a variation on the name? It sounds like when you want a personalized license plate, but someone else has taken it. 4 REAL becomes FOUR RL becomes FR REAL, etc....

  13. well, shoot! i have no encouragement, just commiseration. : )

  14. it too me forever to come up with my original blog title "something they call 'personality'" and as it turns it out, it was a song! On a CD I own, no less! So then I had to come up with ANOTHER ONE. Boooooo. That's why my site name is so long. Maybe you could be or something.

  15. want me to cut the bitch? there's only one seriously ... really?

    ps: i made the move to a paid domain a little over a year ago so i could make some googley ad dollars. yeah, i've totally $9 not enough for the big G to cut me a check. Looking back I never would have spent the money.

  16. Vigorously nodding my head in agreement!

  17. That is total bull shizznit! You're blog is brilliant and deserves that domain!

    Just point me in their direction and I will cut a bitch!


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