Sunday, May 29, 2011


Life has been handing me a shit ton of lemons lately... and damned if I don't know how to make lemonade (plus, who wants to be exposed to dangerous quantities of all that sugar before their wedding? P.S. - screw you McDonald's dollar drink days... my belly has consumed much too much Coca Cola for one human.)

I'm taking a blogging leave of absence this week... maybe.

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I have a sudden, unexplainable urge for Coke now... hmmmm...
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  1. Coke-head.

    Why are you taking a break? Are you ok? What's going on? TALK TO ME.

  2. Fly like paper, get high like planes...
    We'll be here when you get back.

  3. @vickilikesfrogs - It's time for the lemon harvest. Or something. And you KNOW I'm not okay... You DO read my blog. I am on the opposite spectrum of okay. ;-P

    I shall return. Maybe sooner than I think.

    @D'Artagnan - Readership has already gone to the shitter, but I look forward to seeing you guys/gals/lover of frogs, etc.

  4. Here is to things become better and brighter for you. So take that damn lemons!!!!

    PS: When I visit your blog I've been getting a virus warning on my computer. Not sure if anyone else has been experiencing this.

  5. hugs baby hope thing get better soon

    My Life

  6. I bet you'll be back sooner than you think too. I'll bet all the money on my desk right now...which is exactly $6.27.

  7. Stress is no bueno. Take some "you' time. We'll be here ;-D

  8. Wow, sounds like you're in the same boat that I am. Well sinking in a lemon boat I mean. I just wrote a similar post on lemons and then found your blog thanks to Bruce and Becca.


  9. Everyone needs to checkout now and then. Enjoy it!

  10. hope everything clears up for you. enjoy your time away from the blog, then when you come back you'll be refreshed. or something.

    i'm not good at motivational speaking.

  11. So long as you are drinking the Coke and not snorting it, you'll be OK.

    sending much karmic peace your way. Tranquillo.

  12. yuck.. now i have the sudden urge to hurl :)



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