Wednesday, May 18, 2011

April Fool? Or Wii Schooled?

So yeah... Feyoncé™  and I were talking about if we had ever fallen victim to full blown April Fools Day trickery.

I recalled a hazy memory of my sister's failed attempt to cover my dad's toilet bowl with clear plastic cling wrap, but I could have dreamt it. I'm not very accurate when it comes to childhood memories. (Self-preservation, perhaps? Just kidding, Mom).

So we basically had a brief, not noteworthy conversation.

I said that I thought the trickery part of the day only went until 11am or noon or something, and Feyoncé™  thought that I was trying to trick him. I honestly thought that was true.

Anyway, turns out I got fooled on April 1st.

I turned on the Wii Fit balance board... and the goddamn thing said
"Balance... Board... Not... Working"... and I starting thinking, aw fuck shit crap darn, I don't want to have to pay to get the damn thing fixed, I wonder if there even is somewhere to get it repaired... will I have to ship it somewhere...?

And then it pops on a damn star hat and says "April Fool's!!"

This appeared word by word... effectively schooling AND pissing me off at the same time. Goddamned Wii.

So, I got jacked by a bloody children's game accessory. (After getting chin electrocuted once before... I think it's out to get me).

Then? Was supposed to visit with a friend, went out to my car in the garage, and realize I had left the trunk open for two days.


So I had no boost, no jumper cables, and no one to help me push the car out of the garage.

SO I freakin' inadvertently played an April Fools joke on myself. Awesome.

It only stung for a moment.

And yes, I realize it's mid-May.

I'm just MIA and scrounging Blogger for unfinished draft posts. Thanks Blogger!


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  1. Don't feel bad about the Wii. When I got on the Wii Fit for the first time for it to read my weight, the Wii told me to return the Fit back to Best Buy and take the money and invest in a coffin.

  2. I so had something to say before I saw Jason Statham...oh yeah, I'm the best at pulling April Fool's pranks. My fav: Running into my mom's room early that morning and telling her the front door was wide open and the VCR and TV were gone...she didn't think it was that funny...

  3. I'm thoroughly disturbed, and still a little aroused by that picture of Statham. *is not proud*

  4. You're a better person than I. No doubt I would've thrown it out a second (or third or fourth) story window and screamed "NOW WHO IS THE APRIL FOOL BITCH?!"

    No...I don't think I have an anger problem :o)

  5. That is pretty funny! I don't use my Wii Fit anymore...not since I stepped on it for my weight and it 'modified' my Mii and made it look short and chubby.

  6. I tried the same thing on my Dad, but he spotted it from a mile away. What always worked though was apple pie beds. Which was good until Mum went out and bought quilts...spoil sport

  7. Stephanie that was just one day. Judging by the posts extolling your video game exploits I'd say you totally f*@#ing own that Wii!

  8. I played my "oh god, I'm pregnant" april fools day joke. I usually try to get my boss with one good one, usually calling her just before she normally gets in and telling her something awry. AWRY!

  9. WTF?? Okay, for once, I'm glad I haven't played Wii in awhile. My snug pants aren't glad, but that's another story.

  10. I'm just impressed you turned on the balance board. I got my Wii with Wii fit for my birthday in February...I have never stepped foot on the balance board.

  11. Now I know that my Wii will play tricks on me and I'm not going crazy (maybe a little). Stop by my place cuz there's an award for ya.


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