Wednesday, May 11, 2011

*Blogger Intimidation

No, I don't actually mean the host of our little corners of the interwebs.

I mean other Bloggers.

I have been expanding my reading list and finding new bloggers (somewhat randomly) and I am realizing that the more hilarity I read from other people, the more idea-less/writer's block-full I seem to be.

Sometimes a good idea will hit me while I am on the toilet, or in the car,  and  or just about to fall asleep, and I make a fleeting, useless mental note to start a draft when I am back at the computer.

That never happens, so instead, you get photos of my junk drawer. Literary genius, I say!

Then I read other people's blogs and see how funny they are and feel like I might as well roll up shop, draw the metal bars across the windows, pack my stuff up and go do something productive OFFLINE. *GASP*

Source: SomeECards

I've been "getting around" to vacuuming upstairs since... uh... forever ago. Not doing so well there.
Gaining weight? Actually doing well, thankyouverymuch.

Anyway, I'd really appreciate it if you other bloggers stopped being so damn funny/engaging/witty/quick/crazy. It would make it A LOT easier on me.

Or ALOT easier (thanks Allie Brosh):
The above is the work of Allie Brosh from her awesome blog Hyperbole And A Half.

Off to go try to be creative...

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  1. you are funny...

    stop kicking yourself...

    the thing is that humor is more than fart jokes and stupid stuff....

    your posts, where you label shizz...

    fucking funny as hell...

    i always wonder why people find my stuff funny, but then i realize...
    i am funny...

    and great minds think alike

    hence mathematically speaking...

    you have a great mind and are funny!

    and would you mind coming over and taking some of my weight... i mean if you need to gain some...this portion control/less beer/booze/no fast food thing is killing i ma only on day 3...

    so funny up cowgirl!

    or saddle up fungirl!

    something like that...

  2. *and i am...

    instead of am i ma...


  3. You make me laugh. That should be enough for you, but noooo!

  4. I love your blog!
    But don't write for us. Write for YOU. What do you find fun/funny? What inspires YOU? If you're happy about what you're writing, it'll shine through. :)

  5. You are funny to me.

    But if you want me to stop being funny I can shut my blog down. Would that help?

  6. I understand the feeling since I suffer from blogger intimidation, too, but you are BRILLIANT, darling.~ I have very limited time anymore, but yours is one of the blogs that is in my "Must Read" category.

  7. What?! I love this blog! You're crazy. :)

  8. Glad it is only new bloggers you find intimidating, cause those of use who have been around you a while are not the least bit scary. And you are a funny lady. Junk drawers are fab, gotta be better than the day I posted the front of my fridge.
    Yep, that desperate to post. Fridge magnets. Sad

  9. Oh, come now, Steph. You are funny on your own! :-D


  10. I promise not to steal your lunch money if you promise not to stick my head in the toilet! : )

  11. omg steph c you are funny. it's not that other bloggers are funnier/better/wittier/awesomer than you or me or allie brosh, but that we're all different. if we were all the same type of funny or had the same kind of wit, the blogsphere would SUCK.

  12. @bruce - Thanks dude, but I still can't help but feel it. What I write often coincides with my mood, so sometimes it is just hard to be/feel original.

    I appreciate your kind words... I swear I wasn't fishing for compliments... just swimming with sharks. Ha!

    @Brandy Rose - I know, I'm so high maintenance. Sorry. ;-)

    @Marianna Annadanna - Struggling to find inspiration currently. But working on it. I hear you, I just don't know where to begin.

    @Oilfield Trash - Dude, you'd do that for ME?! Aww, shucks, thanks! I'll anticipate a complete shut down by midnight tomorrow. Or not.

    @Katsidhe - Lie to me baby!! LIE LIKE A RUG! Kidding. I appreciate your comment. I just need more inspiration. Don't know what to talk about any more.

    @Haven - You have NO IDEA how accurate you are on the crazy. Eerily accurate. Bwahahahaha!

  13. Blogger shut down for a couple of days, does that count??

  14. @OT - I'll take whatever I can get!! ;-)

  15. Maybe there are some bloggers who feel the same way about your posts. Maybe you should take a long hard look in the mirror and think about that.

  16. @jacqui - First off, never thought of that... but, more importantly, that seriously made me laugh out loud.

    I've been doing a lot of looking hard in the mirror, so it makes it extra funny. Thank you for the laugh!


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