Saturday, April 30, 2011

Inspired By A Meatbag

Sending a shout out to my pal, Organic Meatbag. (Glad yer pup is enjoying spring!)

Question for you all:

What's the difference between a white plastic bag and Michael Jackson?

Wait for it...


What's the difference between a white plastic bag and Michael Jackson?

One's white, plastic, and dangerous for children to play with... and the other is used at the grocery store.

I suppose there IS suffocation risk...

WHAT?!?! Too soon? Not soon enough?

You Know I'm Bad, I'm Bad-
You Know It
(Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)

You Know I'm Bad, I'm Bad-
Come On, You Know
(Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)

And The Whole World Has To Answer Right Now Just To Tell You Once Again,
Who's Bad . . .?

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  1. Love it!!!!

    And it is never too soon for a good joke.

  2. didn't MJ die like forever ago?

    and it is never too soon, anyway, like Oily says...

    btw...banana guns are fucking hot!

    loved this post!

  3. It's a bit soon in my heart, but even I have to admit that was a good one! :-D


  4. It's not just the grocery store bag that can be reused! Oops, I guess MJ can't be reused any more. Never mind....

  5. *giggle
    Not the worse one about MJ I have heard
    (don't ask me to tell you them, hopeless remembering jokes)

  6. This may be the first time in history that Meatbag has inspired anybody! Thank you for that, dear!

  7. I thought you were going to say when you bury them the bag would decompose faster than MJ.

  8. @The Empress - Me too!

    @Oilfield Trash - Thanks!

    @bruce - Sometimes shorter is better, eh? As well as banana guns. Everything is better with banana guns.

    @Barb - :-)

    @On My Soapbox - Ewwwwww, lol.

    @Mynx - Me, too, generally, but I laughed so hard the first time I heard this one... so it stuck.

    @Organic Meatbag - Thanks man! I forgot to link to you initially, but I fixed it.

    @Bushman - You make a VERY valid point!

  9. That's good! I don't think I'd heard that joke before!

  10. MJ was also thin enough to blow in the wind like that scene in "American Beauty".

  11. @Bobbi - Thanks. I'm a sick & twisted individual. Glad you liked it!

    @Trooper Thorn - Oooh, very nice. Very nice indeed.

  12. I'm glad you're a sick and twisted individual. It works for you.


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