Friday, April 8, 2011

Freebie Friday: Funny Stuff That Isn't Mine

Here it is,

mah lame Friday post. Free e-cards that are frikken hilarious (and are totally not mine).

Thank you SomeECards!

Don't deny it. Mine even overheats. Control your jealousy.

It's true. I hate funerals.

This is true for every blogger Narcissist.

I say do one thing, and do it well. This is mine.

And on that note...

Happy Friday!

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  1. lol. you know the blogger one touches especially close to my heart.

  2. @You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... - You and the Tsaritsa make a mighty/not-too-fine a point on that argument (sorta like They Might Be Giants!).

  3. I love that website, their cards crack me the hell up.

  4. Those cards might have been cute, but it's your comments that made me laugh!

  5. Yay for not cooking, but that one with the old people was classic.

  6. oh my gosh those were great! hahaha. love those cards.

  7. I've never been happier to have a box of Kleenex on my coffee table...

  8. All so very true. Even the turds...

  9. @Oilfield Trash - I was seriously disappointed; Feyoncé Didn't find any of them funny.

    @Krissy - Aw, thanks! Glad to see ya! Do you still want me to guest post? I am immensely, lamely late.

    @Mrs. Hyde - I know, right?!?

    @Jewels - That site frikken cracks me up, without fail!

    @D'Artagnan - I have to admit it, I don't understand. (Common theme in my life, in case you were wondering).

    @Brandy Rose - Love it that you admit it along with me.

    @Marianna Annadanna - Still not as funny as your cat at the copy machine. Or honeybadger. lol.

  10. I sooooo want you to guest post! Let me know when you are up for it, woman.

  11. This made me laugh and I teared up a bit, hence my need for a tissue. Sometimes I should just spell shit out I guess. Lol

  12. You really know how to close a post out, save the best for last.

  13. Totally unrelated to this post (which did make me laugh btw), I've just read your Michael Buble post. Bwahahaha! I now consider myself truly honoured that you left a comment AND followed me on your first visit.

    *clicks the X to close the page, still giggling*

  14. @Krissy - Will try to come up with something in the next few days, cool?

    @D'Artagnan - You only need to spell it out because I can be a little slow on the uptake.

    @George - I'm mysterious AND classy like that. ;-)

    @Mynx - My pleasure. Okay, technically SomeECards' but whatever. Glad you liked it!

    @Bub - lol... I like ya. Also? Buble will not be played at the wedding or I WILL become Bridezilla!


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