Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Someone Thinks I'm Versatile! (Everyone Else Just Thinks I'm Crazy)

So through random algorithms produced by the interwebs, Sam over at A Redhead Named Sam felt it fitting to bestow the Versatile Blogger award on little ole me.

I have most certainly been called worse...  ;-)


Sam has described me, and I quote:

"Random is right...there really isn't a cohesive theme to this blog unless you consider humor and randomness a theme. I guess, in that context, it is. Anyway...moving on. If you like The Bloggess, you'll probably enjoy this one too. *I* enjoy it - if that influences your decision at all. ;)"

Thanks for the award, Sam!

I am supposed to:
1.) Tell all of you 7 facts about myself.
2.) Tag 7 of fellow bloggers to do the same.

Facts Away!

1) I can always tell what kind of silverware I am pulling out of the clean dishwasher rack before seeing it, just based on the weight (e.g. knife, spoon, fork). I am eerily accurate. It is a totally and completely useless skill. And apparently my number one fact about myself

2) Lately I have not felt the slightest bit funny, had the slightest desire to blog, nor feel that I have had any quality content. I have also failed to deliver two guests posts.

3) I consistently scratch the crack of my butt with my engagement ring. It's big and sharp and continually reminds me that I should be using a washcloth. Also reminds me that I will likely blind small children and puppies with this bad boy. (Look out, Ella!)

4) I love love LOVE Stephen Colbert and think he is hilarious. Only in character. The only time I like him out of character is when he is still technically in character, but is cracking up laughing trying to stay IN character. He consistently makes me laugh and I love it. I've also seen Jon Stewart in stand up comedy twice, and the first time, I laughed so hard that my stomach was killing me and my cheeks hurt from smiling for so long.

Stevie boy is on the right. I LOVE him!

5) I watched 3 seasons of True Blood over the course of a long weekend, non-stop back to back. I ate, slept, dreamed everything Bill and Sookie. It's so bad it is good. I love True Blood. (Do the things I like count as things about me? No? Too bad).

6) =

(Ella, the puppy, typed that one for me).

real #6: I am dying to go to one of those gorgeous over-water bungalows in Bora Bora where you can walk right from your hut into the water. They are stunning and RIDICULOUSLY expensive. A girl can dream.

This goes into the mother-frikken OCEAN. It's pure paradise in Bora Bora! Me want!

7) I always ask Feyoncé to play online Scrabble, then bitch and moan the ENTIRE time because I have shitty letters/no idea what words to make/am losing/know I will lose/used to kick his butt, but never do any more.

The following are 7 neat blogs that you should check out if you haven't already:

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Check 'em out.

Later gators.


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  1. Congrats on the award. And thanks for passing it onto me.

  2. Oh I would love to go to that place where that picture was taken. Damn I want to go.

  3. *raises hand* oh yeah, i wanna go to the ocean bungalow! let's figure out how to be independently wealthy... : ) congrats on the award!

  4. Congratulations! Clearly chaka khan was right. You are every woman! :)

  5. Hopefully you'll get that ring cleaned sometime before the wedding. The Bora Bora thing does look neat.

  6. Congrats on the award and thanks so much for passing it on to me! :-) Way to make my day. I saw that hut and sighed...ahhh...that would be heavenly. I wanna go! You had me at True Blood though!

    Please tell me that you say Colbert at the Comedy Awards the other night? If not you HAVE to youtube it! Steward got the award and Colbert went up, Kanye style, and took it and gave the acceptance speach...I almost peed myself! GREATNESS!

  7. *Stewart...damn me and my rush to comment before work and not proof read comments.

  8. Your wish is my command!
    For 7 item lists.
    Because, um, I'm like still on my break and stuff...

    And thanks for pub! I sure hope I can't get blue balls from a swollen ego.

  9. You're welcome!!

    And don't knock your unique skill. It might come in handy one day...though I'm still trying to decide how. Perhaps you'll be hired on as waitstaff for one of those restaurants that dines entirely in the dark, like Opaque? Bonus!

  10. thanks for the award! and congrats on the award...

    and you are always funny and clever so stop beating yourself up...okay?

    i look forward to your posts when they come up...

    even if you are talking about the wedding industry...

  11. Those Bora Bora sweet ass suites are like $8000 a night, it's ridic. And so worth it.. one day.

    I'm also a Scrabble nut.. and a big whiner when I don't win. I mean, if I initiate playing, I should win, right?! ;)

  12. Congrats! And I love True Blood! And yeah for Oilfield Trash, good pick!

  13. Look at me, I'm Steph, I have a big ass engagement ring that I maim myself with!! Someone wants to marry me, boohoo!

    Just kidding ;-) I pick because I love!

    The silverware thing is pretty weird. I mean, all out of silverware is mismatched, so I can tell by the handle what I'm pulling out.

    I've never seen true blood. I dont have a cable.

  14. Congrats!

    3) Way to rub it in our faces how *big* the rock on your finger is. Smooth :)

    4) Stephen Colbert is MINE, you hear, mine! My current husband has been informed that Stephen is to become my second husband some day. Don't know if he agrees. Don't care.

    6) Have you seen the Bora-Bora episode of Frasier?

  15. HOLY CRAP does my computer completely suck?!? It just took FOREVER TO LOAD YOUR BLOG, AND THEN LOAD THE COMMENTS PAGE! oH MY IMPATIENCE! That being said, I saw your comment "jaded with the world of blogging," and it makes me want to know MORE! MORE! bUT i HAVE TOO MANY DISHES TO DO. Still curious though because that's just plain interesting

  16. I fucking love True Blood...so does my Fiancee and now my Bestie (She borrowed season 1 & 2).

    I'm right there with ya on Bora Bora! If I win that damn lotto, that would be the first place I went to.


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