Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Win & Fail

So, sometimes I feel like the ultimate shitty blogger.
No good thoughts, no witticisms bringing the house down with lols, ROLFLOLs, or people choking on their chicken wing and dying due to my hilarious content.

I realized today that I promised to guest post at two other bloggers' sites... Bruce at JADIP and Krissy at Talkative Taurus.

I went all wedding-y and did stuff, and was sick and down and out in between, then went to California, was in hospital, came back home, now suffering nightmares and unable to sleep through the night. I never guest posted.

Full of the AWESOME.

I have also been given an award by Sam at a Redhead Named Sam, chosen at random, but have yet to make mention of it. So... I get a big helping of FAIL for that.

On the other hand?

I WIN on Wii.

I am currently ranked #1 on all of Rock Band 3 for "Blow At High Dough" by the Tragically Hip (an awesome Canadian band who never were able to crack North American mainstream). I did vocals solo on expert. Boo-yah.

The smarter it gets, the further it's gonna go. #1 on Rock Band 3

I also did 10-fucking-straight-minutes of hula hoop on the Wii fit. I'm sure I broke no records, but people. 10 MINUTES OF HULA HOOP. That has to count for something, right?

10 minute Wii hula hoop: Not for pussies the weak.


Okay, so the actual number of spins is about that number divided by 5 (What?!? They throw 5 hoops at you and add it to your total... not my fault!)



Fine, here is an adorable picture of my sleeping puppy Ella (with me trying to protect her lady-like-ness):

Sleepy puppy with some class.

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  1. Well at least you covered up the dogs asshole. lol

  2. Congrats on your hula hooping record. And very nice of you to protect your doggy's dignity whilst she is sleeping.

  3. THE HAVE THE HIP ON ROCK BAND THREE??? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME????? FUUUUUUUUU!!!! That's enough to make me invest in the entire set up for 360 or PS3 just so I can get it.. is it on the actual game or do you have to download it?? I bet you have to download it. Sad, sad panda.

  4. OMG. I am SO hip, it's TRAGIC. Biggest. fan. EVER. They're from my hometown!

    (That's it - I'm apparently a worse commenter than you are blogger - haha)

  5. @Oilfield Trash - As I've always said, aim high! Or low, whatever.

    @The Empress - I won't protect my own dignity, but at least I care about the puppy.

    @Yandie, Goddess of Pickles. - I actually downloaded it for Rock Band 2 on Wii. It might be the only Hip song available. But you need to own RB2 or RB3 in order to download the song.

    @Marianna Annadanna - How did I not know you were Canadian, or a Hip fan? I'm terrible.

  6. i have heard of the tragically hip. but cannot name any of their songs. i fail at being a canadian.

    oh, wait.

    anyway. apparently stephs feeling like they are lame bloggers is catching this month. because i feel the same way.

  7. @ marianna. I will fight you for that title. For real.

    @steph, I have a Ps2, so I don't think I can download songs for it :-(

  8. P.S. it's apparently also 'post a Hip song on your blog week, because I have one on my second to last post as well.

  9. @steph gas - See, this is why I love you even more. Had you heard of them during your New York days? And you aren't lame, but I may be.

    @Yandie, Goddess of Pickles. - Oooh, I want to do a duel post between you two, with your arguments for being the biggest Hip fan!

    And I don't know about PS2... it's in the downloadable content store. $2.25 to buy the song.

    And I didn't see your Hip post! I'm also lame with my rounds of blog-reading!

  10. This post from a while back kind of outlines my Hip-Obsession


    I will also add, I am jealous of people from Kingston, because they not only have the Tragically Hip, but they have the Headstones, and let's face it.. Hugh Dillon is BAD. ASS.

  11. wow, i didn't think that americans even knew the tragically hip existed. hooray!

  12. @Yandie, Goddess of Pickles. - They also have the Royal Military College, which can fuck a young man up for life (I dated one or two from there... it's not a nice place).

    Loved your Hip post! Commented on your blog.

    @Kage - HEY! Fellow Canadian, thanks for stopping by and commenting. And for having a picture of two girls kissing. The blog world needs more of that.

  13. @Yandie;

    Ok, fine, but can you say you were BORN and RAISED in the Hip's hometown? Have you had a conversation with Rob Baker at the Capital 7 Cinemas dinky downtown theatre? Have you seen Gord Downy at your friend's cottage?


    K, I win.

    "They shot a movie once, in MY HOMETOWN."



  14. PS - there are strikes against Kingston too. Dan Akroyd is one of them.

  15. @ Kage, I knew they existed I am just not a fan.

    Although I am huge Rush fan.

  16. i know this group! but like a lot of stuff i faila to remembering the songs...

    but with a name like tragically hip, you have to say they are too hip for american media assholes that bring us american idle hands worshiping simon coweasel.fucktardedenss...

    oh and no worries on the guest post thing...

    i have been outta the blog world too..

  17. Awesome job on RB! Heck, I get excited if I get into the top 60% on Medium.... Guess I'll need to venture into Hard and Expert territory now.

  18. i had not previously heard of this group, but i like the song you shared. WTG on the rocking!

    and hula-ing!

  19. i've never heard of the tragically hip, but then again i'm from CA (i think you already covered this...). the post i just did involves rock band as well, only we have RB2. fav songs: i only want you (eagles of death metal) and do you want to (franz ferdinand). i was caught on tape singing along to silverchair and i sound like a moose that's been hit by a truck. it's ugly.

    ps: i LOVE the dirty shot of your poochie. there's no inuendo there, but i'm just going to go ahead and leave that as is. you're welcome.

  20. oh, haha! sorry, i just assumed you were an american, durr ;) that explains why you have such great taste in music, though!

  21. I think that I can only do 5 seconds of hula hooping. You are my hero!

    -Barb the French Bean

  22. Seems to me like you were just living so I wouldn't beat myself up over that. You know, unless that's your thing? In which case, go nuts.
    I think the Wii hula hoop thing is awesome. Partly because I believe all video game achievements deserve their own t-shirts, but also because I couldn't hula to save my f*@#ing life.
    Well done you!

  23. Nice picture. LOL.

    Someone should create a line of doggy panties/thongs. Just saying. :D

  24. @Marianna Annadanna - Glad you and Yandie could work it out in the end. And LOVE the fact you both played the Hip at your weddings. Feyoncé is not a fan, sad to say.

    @OT - I can't stand Rush. I think I lose Canada points for that. Whatever that means.

    @Kage - No worries, and we DO have good taste in music!

    @Barb the French Bean - The next day my body told me that 10 minutes was a very, very bad idea. lol.

  25. @D'Artagnan - See, I knew I liked you, right from the person soiling themself on the metro. My kind of guy. (note: I do enjoy beating myself up regularly as it is something I tend to excel in).

    Your t-shirt idea is brilliant. There should be some law put into place for it.

    @Lemons Don't Make Lemonade - I tried my best to preserve her innocence. Dog thongs... I bet you if you dare to Google 'dog thongs' that you will actually find some!

    Thanks for commenting you two, and welcome to the blog.

  26. I broke my Wii (not a euphamism) a couple of months ago and I'm still not completely detoxed!

    If I ever replace it you and I are going to go toe-to-toe on the hula hooping!

    Don't worry. You totally have time to train.

  27. Your 10 minutes on the wii is 9 1/2 minutes longer than I'd have done - you definitely win!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your thoughtful comment.

  28. @insideoutandbackwards - You have ignited a terror deep inside of me. I never want to face 10 minutes of hula hoop again... but since that possibility is out there, I shall train.

    *Begins hula hoop training until passing out like puppy in above photo

    @Bub - You never know... if you can hit the club, you might surprise yourself on the Wii! And I hope your heart is mending.

  29. I've been out of it too Steph...If you want the sordid story, I'll email you and you can feel better about yourself that you are not as effed up as I am ;D

    My DH knew the band, but not that song and is now perusing iTunes to purchase more. YAY! I get to feel Canadian when I listen to it!

    We have the PS3 and play Marvel Ultimate Alliance because I like playing Colossus and Wolverine....I'm a run up and smack the shizz outta the enemy kind of girl and those two really fit the bill. I always laugh when Colossus picks up one of the enemies and then beats the crap out of the others. Hee. I'm sick like that.

    I've missed reading your blogs, but I'm back and catching up.

  30. @Angie - YAY to feeling more Canadian!! Trust me, hon, we are all effed up, just in different ways. ;-)

    I've abandoned the Wii. Wanted to play tonight, but learned the hubs-to-be HATES Rock Band. Bummer.


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