Friday, November 26, 2010


I go off for a week to be violently ill, function minimally in society, fear coming into work late and working only when able to get out of the house....

and you awesome people continue to read and follow!

I was all secretly, eagerly anticipating the 50-follower mark (what, you VALIDATE me *say it like Dr. Evil*)

Thanks to everyone for your continued support. It's been a rough week and there are several more ahead, but your comments, interaction and support are awesome!

If you haven't read my most recent adventure, read about it here. Pin It Now!


  1. You blew right past 50 to 55 now. Way ta go! Sorry to hear things are still rough - i'm still a little freaked out, yet intrigued by your colon post.


  2. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  3. i hope you are feeling better..hugs

  4. Really happy to see you on my reading list and still alive. Keep getting better. Hugs

  5. I will love you forever, so yeah!

    Congratulations on getting 55 followers, YAY! I feel like it will take forever for me to hit that, people like to ninja follow me. As much as I approve of ninjas, these ninjas make me sad :(

    Are you feeling better? How did that *lovely* test turn out?

  6. *Simple Dude - yeah, not sure how that happened, but basking in the glow of 5 more people following me on the intertubes. And I like to be intriguing, yet freak men out at the same time. It's my mojo combo.

    *George Wells - thank you for the concern and well wishes. I hope so, too.

    *becca - thanks very much and thank you for commenting. Happy to have you aboard!!

    *Mynx - thank you. I promise my best to try to stay alive, but can't make any promises. And thank ye for the blogroll props. Much appreciated.

    *Amy - i love you for loving me, so that rules. Right? Ninja followers make for sads in the "follow" section, but your innacurate-at-best Blogger stats should bring some solace. I am feeling shit, but thanks for asking. The test went very very badly. More to come on that...


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