Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Two New Blog Awards!

So I assume other people are bored when I post about blog awards gifted to me by other bloggers, but when other people who write similarly and think similarly want to give me props for my humble little obsession, it really makes me quite happy.

First -


I was honoured with this award by Steph Gas at it's never too late to save a hopeless case.

She wrote, and I quote:

"i'm passing this one on to stephaniec who writes seriously?? reeeally? seriously?.  not only is she honest with us, but i think stephc is pretty honest with herself on that blog.  plus?  she has THE BEST NAME."

Wicked awesome, you made my day!



I think it stands for "I Don't Give A Flinstone"

I was given this fine and stylish award by jess over at not your average joan of archetypal patterns.

She wrote, and I quote:

"For those of you keeping count (so, me.) this would be blog award number 2 for me! The first came from Seriously?...Reeeally?...Seriously? (I was supposed to pass that one on, but I cracked under the pressure!)
So, because she forgave me for not passing on her award, and because she rocks and speaks her mind, I am returning the love, and passing the IDGAF award to her.  Rock on, my Canadian blogger friend! Rock.  On."

I will need to figure out what rules there are (if any) and who I will pass these along to. I will post more later.

Thank you, lovely ladies. I like to think I generally don't hold back, but there are downsides to that. I think you are both more honest than I am, but I am working towards really embracing this stuff and blogging as honestly (and humorously) as I can. 

One thing is for sure - I won't hold back on making fun of myself. Would my therapist  BF  friends approve? Likely not. But some of that shizz is just too good not to post. lol. I have to laugh at myself. Especially before someone else does first. HA!

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  1. I am always making fun of myself so i sure dont have a problem with anybody else doing it. But only if it is in jest and they arent just putting themselves down for no reason. Congrats on the awards. Well deserved

  2. Congratulations on your awards! Great job there. You definitely have the 'funny' covered when it comes to sharing your experiences.

    Have a great day!

  3. you're canadian? i want the blog award back.

    just kidding. i'm actually going to be working with our neighbors to the north on my new contract. i also reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally enjoyed visiting canada when i was in high school. awesome husband doesn't want to visit canada. i'm like, wtf!?!? he's a dick sometimes.

    ANYWAY. once we move back to new york, parts of canada become a viable option for long weekend trips. i will get back to montreal and quebec and i will fail at ordering in french, just like i did back then.

  4. It's good not to take ourselves too seriously, so i always love hearing people making fun of themselves... Great blog, and awesome awards!

    check out my blog@ amberlashell <- shamless whore plug

  5. Mynx - no worries, if I am putting myself down, it is for good reason. ;-) Thanks for commenting.

    *The Empress - awww, shucks, I hope you mean that. I would have a great day except I am cleaning my colon. Long story. Hey! Maybe a super-inappropriate blog post, too!

    *George Wells - thanks, man!

    *Yandie, Goddess of Pickles - i keep forgetting to ask what it is like to be a goddess? And thanks!

    *steph gas - but... but... *sniffle* I say eh and everything... I thought it was obvious... And no worries, even if they speak English, many Quebecers are a-holes and will pretend not to understand you. Happened to me on multiple visits to Quebec City. Did you know many of the Quebec folks seriously want to have their own country, as they hate the rest of us Canadians that much?

    *Jumble Mash - thank ye! I just saw today that you've gotten the honesty award and the lovely blog award in the past... lucky gal. :-)

  6. *AmberLaShell - you got in there while I was making my long-winded reply to everyone. It is fun to read self-depracating humour... who doesn't enjoy it, really? Thanks for the compliments. Will visit your blog again.

  7. and again... another reason why i think i'm in love with you... is that wrong?someone who receives this kind of award is freaking AWESOME!

  8. *Sarah With Scissors - no, blog lurve is never wrong. Even if adults tell you it is inappropriate, just ignore them. lol. Thanks for the mad props... I just think steph and jess are pretty awesome for deeming me worthy!

  9. Congrats on the awards! :-D

    -Barb the French Bean


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