Monday, September 13, 2010

More Funny To Follow

For any new readers that stumble upon my blog, I just want to emphasize that I generally poke fun at myself and avoid seriousness as much as possible. I strive to bring funny, and let you point and laugh at me. EVERYBODY WINS! YAY!


and then

I say: Okay, where, when? How much funny? Should the funny be gluten-free? Are there any people here with dog phobias? Because I can crate Schultz. Is there a risk at all of bringing too much funny? No, no I don't think I could do that anyway, either. So I bring funny soon then? *batting large, scared eyes*

I just felt the need to post that last one for some reason... guess I have a lot of my mind and was unloading. But don't write my blog off because of it!

More funny to follow, I swear!

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  1. Just no pressure. Blog for your *own* pleasure; that's what makes it key!

    -French Bean

  2. Hey, thanks for checking out my corner of the interweb.

    great blog, love the things that make you die a little and things that make you overjoyed. Hopefully this helps.. i'm about to click 'follow'.


  3. Sometimes the funny doesn't happen, and sometimes it does. I think you're funny, and I have a really fucked up sense of humor, so it works. I think.

  4. *French Bean - i worry too much about what other people think. I know I shouldn't, yet I do. Lame lame lame but true. I am trying to shift the thinking, but it's hard.

    *Simple Dude - I thought I commented back a while ago (but clearly didn't)... yes you DID make my day by clicking "follow". I love that shizz.

    *Sarah Elizabeth - Lately it's been a lot of doesn't, but oh well. The more I worry about it, the worse it gets, so I need to chill. Worst part is, the best ideas come to me before I fall asleep or when I am driving and then I forget... ah well.

    Thanks for posting. And I hope that your sense of humour is amused by my particular brand of fucked up. ;-)


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